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Women's Health Collective - JAN 4th

Our monthly workshop is this sunday the 4th at IWW Union Hall (616 E. Burnside) at 4:30
This month's topic will be women in health care. We will have quite a few women who work in different aspects of health care (most of them not in western medicine) who will share their experiences, and be avilable to answer questions. Please feel free to come to listen, ask questions, or share experiences.

This event free and open to women and trans only.

The women's health collective is a workshop, resource, and disscusion group for folks to share and obtain women's health info and experiences with DIY, free and low cost health care. We meet the first sunday of every month at 4:30 at the IWW Union Hall. Next month we will be making everything from shampoo to toothpaste, and in March we will have a workshop on how to make tinctures and salves.

if you have questions please e-mail us at  womenshealthcollective@yahoo.com