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Radio Frequency Identification - RFID Revolution

If you haven't yet heard of radio frequency identification (RFID), learn about it. Simply put: Wal-Mart wants a number for every item on the planet. Wal-Mart summoned its top 100 largest suppliers to Bentonville to demand a RADICAL change in the way they do business. The ripple effect changes the way ALL retail business is done... and promises to make all life their business.
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Wal-Mart first taught us the power of supply chain economics a generation ago. But surprisingly FEW advances have been made in the field since the bar code in 1974. Now radio frequency identification tags the size of a grain of rice are able to emit unique signals that tell you precisely where everything is in your supply chain. International Paper is already saving millions by tracking each tree through the supply chain until it hits your local hardware store. Meat packers now track a cow from birth to burger.

But what happened in just the last few months turned RFID from "cool" to vital. First, on October 8, the U.S. Army decided that all 23,000 of its suppliers must begin electronic tagging. The savings to the taxpayer of this one move will mount into the BILLIONS.

Secondly, the question of which RFID system would be "standard" was settled. There's going to be ONE standard. (By the way, there are four or five different ways to play the RFID revolution. You need to read our report, "The Tracked Economy: How to make a fortune from the RFID Revolution" carefully, because I outline opportunities in healthcare, homeland security, and marketing that will equal the opportunities in manufacturing. But manufacturing will take off first -- so let's focus on that here.)

Very few joys in life come close to that of owning a $100 stock -- that you bought for $10. Our top RFID company will give you that experience -- only better, and here's why: This company is a billion-dollar (sales) outfit known on Wall Street as an exceptionally DULL supplier to the automotive industry. YAWN. One obscure division of this company happens to have the total SOLUTION for mandated RFID systems. NOW -- today -- and ready to ship in MASS quantities.

That's right: they are one of just a very few companies on EARTH able to meet this worldwide technology mandate that 75,000 Wal-Mart suppliers are going to be scrambling and clawing for in 2004.

Best of all, this is a low-risk stock: This is the ONLY way, as a supplier, you can get your RFID systems up in time for Wal-Mart's deadline. And this company is sitting on $240 million in cash with no long-term debt; the Street valuation is absurdly based on automotive manufacturing metrics; and you get in on the spin-off I.P.O at a time when other investors would kill for just one share.

When electronic tags are just in LoJacks, the anti-theft device, there is not a lot of information you have to keep track of. But when there's an electronic tag on every ballpoint pen, you need to control billions of pieces of information instantly, and our second pick -- one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. -- does just that.

The fourth "tag stock" we detail for you in "The Tracked Economy" provides the missing link between the warehouse and the back office. This company has developed the first TRANSDERMAL electronic tag. This is the technology that tracks PEOPLE, not things. Babies in the hospital; criminals in Mexico; terrorists in Afghanistan. All very George Orwell. But all very profitable in the next few years. One day, this company will put the money launderers out of business -- because it has the technology to turn every banknote into a radio antenna!

Frying out RFID chips 31.Dec.2003 14:03

Luke from DC

The way to avoid being ID'd by your clothes, etc if you ever run out of repairable pre-Wal MArt goods and get stuck with this shit(or if you boosted it!) is to put it in a microwave on high. The antennas will absorb enough microwave energy to destroy the diodes and transistors in the chip. Exception: anything made out of metal, as it will kill the microwave. On metal, the chip will have to be on the outside, just find and destroy it.

Of course, customer outrage might force them to put the chip on the price tag so it can be found and removed, especially if enough people refuse to buy goods with hidden chips. Remmeber-you don't have to shop at Wal-Fart!

this is from that ass tobin smith of changewave 12.Jan.2004 02:52

your mama

someone give the tickers of these 5 rfid stocks. dont pay that fool tobin. find these hyped stocks and shrt 'em....

Anyone have the 5 tickers for these companies 31.Jan.2004 08:37

anonymous grossjh@hotmail.com

If anyone has the 5 tickers, post them.
$300 for a newletter is highway robbery.

The first one is UNA........ 31.Jan.2004 15:00


I had searched these a while back and had figured out about 3 of them, forgot now but I know the last one was quite controversial a while back - I believe its an OTC! It's an old note so obviously UNA has run a lot since......

Have always just dug around - made a quick 50% on EVOL which has now crashed below my buyin (and could be a huge reward at current value if good news (earnings Mar.) can shake the shorts)....INSM has had a big run recently, and I just bought his more recent pick of AUO - MASSIVE growth stock, heavy institution trading and they just slaughtered earnings again - out of all the picks I've figured out, only evol and auo impressed me.

Apparently vrsn is his 2004 pick as well.

here it is 12.Feb.2004 21:50


The stock is apparently Microchip (MCHP)... here's the link ... you can read about it yourself
And I didnt pay for a subscription to changeless wave, just a google search

Da Smoosh

That asshole Tobin Smith of Changewave's hypes 20.Feb.2004 09:50


EVOL, MED r two his picks that tanked nearly 50% within a few weeks after his recommendation. They may have come a little 4 a few days at most & then came the catastrophic big drops. He might have had a couple of successes in the past but not enough 2 call himself a stock picker. I wouldn't touch his tips with a barge pole from now on. In fact I will either short them or wait until it tanks & then buy them. For the amount of hype he makes promoting his stocks I feel he should b investigated like Thom Calandra of the CBS Marketwatch. I bet he is also a crook like Tom & has an hidden agenda hyping the stock. Caveat emptor.

Where is article "The Tracked Economy" 02.Mar.2004 12:35


Where can the article "The Tracked Economy" mentioned in your article, be found?