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The Daily Poetry Movement

Todays Selection is in honor of our political prisoner Leonard Peltier. This poem is called Silence by Leonard Peltier. Leonard has been falsly imprisoned for life. Neither democratic nor republican president has pardoned him. Known around the world for being a member of AIM (American Indian Movement), he is our countries Nelson Mandela. As Indians are being singled out for our unscrupolous greed and genocide across the American continents, the ones courgaeous enough to speak out often meet horrific ends. Stop the FTAA!

(from the book;) My life is my sun dance

Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity

But silence is impossible

Silence screams

Silence is a message

just as doing nothing is an act

Let who you are ring out and resonate

in every word and every deed

Yes, become who you are

There's no sidestepping your own being

or your own responsibility

What you do is who you are

You are your own comeuppance

You become your own message

You are the message

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

(without any reason, since 27 years imprisoned Poet)

Two announcements 30.Dec.2003 02:02

Migratory Bird

Tonight, Tuesday the 30th, is books for prisoners mailing night. To find out more go to the main page. If you can not go tonight do not dispair! You can still donate a book or money. Our political prisoners are often very lonely. They often do not have friends or relatives to visit. Some end up getting many years for protesting the School of the America's, war or nuclear testing. After the fact many lose heart when folks exemplify them but do not contact them. Get a pen pal, send a book, help once or help many times. You can donate books to several different locations. So clean house, dig up some books, and mail 'em out!

The other announcement is also a fundraiser.  http://www.indymedia.org/en/index.shtml
click on this link to donate money to global indymedia for our new global connection. I know it sounds like a PBS drive but this is legit and we ain't about to go beggin from exxon mobile. So if you got five bucks, twenty or whatever donate as much as you can, cause other folks can't donate nuthin at all....