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Update on contract struggle of Powells Books workers

"bookfreak" writes:
"About a month ago, there was a ton of news about the negotiations at Powell's, and the struggle against management. For a month, there has been no news, and the local 5 website is way out of date. Did these folks win a contract? Did they lose? Should we boycott? Is there a story out there?"

"powell's union worker" responds:
"The upshot is...while the strike days caused some financial pain to the corporation, Management made clear to the union that they were willing to weather the called strike days...which would've been the weekend of Dec. 13-14 and the Sat. before Christmas, Dec. 27. Meanwhile, Management was doing all it could to split the workers...and pit those (mostly younger workers) who value cost-of-living raises against those (mostly older or with dependents) who value good medical benefits. They also were trying to demonize the union for calling strikes, and to get workers to cross the lines (mostly without success)."

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