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Benefit @ the Cascadia Rising Infoshop

December 30th 6pm
A benefit for the Cascadia Education Collective. 1540 SE Clinton December 30th 6pm till about 10pm This is the first Event at the Cascadia Rising Activist Resource Center. Come for food and jazz at 6 p.m., and stay for more music, speakers, and videos on a variety of Cascadian issues. This new collective has occupied the former Cascadia Forest Alliance space and in January will open a library, computer lab, and a meeting space. At our benefit, which will be the first event in the new space, we will be addressing topics related to Health, the Earth, Animals, and Labor (HEAL), as part of our mission is to provide healing to the community. Kristin will speak on her visions for a community health center; Elaine will speak on animal testing and answer questions on current animal rights topics; we will have someone speak on the Siskyou Nat'l Forest and other new forest issues; and we will have an update on the Powell's contract negotiations. The Cascadia Education Collective is still drafting its mission statement. Its latest draft is: The Cascadia Education Collective is a group housed by the Cascadia Rising Infoshop which works to uphold human, earth, animal and labor (HEAL) rights. Our goal is to empower people to work for the restoration of ecosystems and justice in the workplace. As a resource center for the community, we offer a convergence space for social, educational, and creative events.