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The Daily Poetry Movement

A kettle o poems. Numero uno: mad cow by Steven Lewis. Dos: Jack the Tapeworm A Modern Day Saint. Tres: After a Day Spent speaking with English buisnessmen by Steven lewis y Cuatro:The Dominion of Man by Glenda L. Marcus. I have of course provided the necessary links. MCSPOTLIGHT is a must see which speaks of the lawsuits against McDonalds' . Of particular interest is the reversal poem of see no evil, smell no evil... idea. This poem seems more timely because of how the news media is laughing of forced canibalism. Refuse! Rise Up!
mad cow, after Snodgrass

Mad cow mad cow
where have you been?
I've been to the bucket
I've been to the troth.
Mad cow, mad cow
what did you there?
I ate what they fed me,
renumerant times.
Mad cow, mad cow
how found you your fodder?
Foul, oh foul,
foul was my fodder
for in it they ground
the blood of my mother
and in it they ground
the brain of my brother
and in it they ground
udder with butter.
The render-man
he boiled my cousin
(who died in the spring
of hideous things)
and that awful stew
he sold to the feed-man
who mixed it with beans
and innocent greens.
That feed they did slop
in our troths, feeling smug
for the pennies they saved
and the trick that they played.
Oh foul, oh foul
now I've eaten my play-
Now they have made me
a cannibal cow.
I've eaten their good,
I've eaten their bad,
I've eaten the rot
that had cut them from life,
their bugs, their tumors,
their putrid disease.
They fed it to me
so steak I would make,
They fed it to me
so milk I would give,
So I shall, so I shall,
so I shall, so I shall.


Jack the Tapeworm A Modern Latter Day Saint

Night-light turned on.
The overhead light turned off.
Veronica crawls in
between two sheets.

She dreams
Ronald McDonald squirts
ketchup and mustard
between her beefy buns.

Suddenly she's awakened
by a Knock Knock.
Perched on her chest
a tiny worm.
In a stern voice
accentuated by a stern look
he speaks,
'Hello, I'm Jack the Tapeworm
a modern latter day saint.
Your fantasy for a man
dressed in a clown suit
and appetite for dead animals
has brought me here tonight.
These lustful desires
have cast a dark shadow
over your vegetarian upbringing.
Your diet
and subconscious
do not reflect
the two truths of herbivores:
do unto others as they would
do unto you
karma comes back around.

You have a choice
repent or face a life of damnation.
If you repent
you will meet a man who will
smother your sex with grapes, strawberries, and cherries.
If you repent
you will help lift the heavy burden from Sue Coes eyes.
If you choose a life of damnation
assume your physical fantasies
will only be found
in an internet chat room.
As far as the environment goes,
you'll become a self imposed
obese statistic
who takes up precious space.'

Veronica starts to sob,
'Oh Jack! Oh Jack!
What must I do
to absolve my godless transgressions.'

The little tapeworm
in a now
pleasant voice replies,
'Swallow me whole
I'll make your body miserable
feeding off your meat
like the cow made into a
sinfully slaughtered slab.'

And she swallows him whole.

When Veronica's mind
has gone mad
in visions of love for body and life
Jack crawls out
of her frazzled body
from a stinky orifice.

He slowly makes his way
to her chest.
Knock Knock.
In that still pleasant but weaker voice
he speaks,
'I'm ready to die
you've seen the right light.
Remember if your man's expression
is expressed in mayo and Heinz
these condiments will literally
smother your heart.
Remember a man's dollar
never amounts to a mass produced life.
Slaughter houses
only create a
compliment to strife.'
Jack the Tapeworm
a modern latter day saint
who seems more Hindu
than Mormon
takes in one last gasp
of air
to finish his thought.
'Life is cyclical
please make me happy.
I want to be reborn
in new found beauty.'

And she swallows him whole.


after a day spent speaking with English businessmen
Bovine spongiform encephalitis
Jumped the species barrier to bite us.
As Jacobs Cruetzfeld disease
It jellies the knees
Then dementia sets in to blight us.


Glynda L. Marcus
Can you hear them?
Can you hear the caged cats crying,
Hear the netted dolphins' scream in dying,
Hear the scientists that are lying?
Can you hear them?

Can you see them?
When you close your eyes to pray,
Do images seem to stay
Of pigs' skin being burned away,
And goats shot by the Army each day?
Can you see them?

Can you smell them?
The puppies held in filthy pens,
The tuskless elephants left in the dust by men,
The slaughter house floor where once life had been?
Can you smell them?

Can you feel them?
When you touch your new coat of fox,
Can you feel the trap snap shut and lock?
When you pour the cleanser from the box,
Do you feel the singed eyes of the rabbit in the stock?
Can you feel them?

Can you imagine
What humans do to creatures every day,
The needless pain with which the helpless pay,
For a line in a book of God that some say,
Gives man the right to do whatever he may?
Can you imagine?
REal pOetry 28.Dec.2003 20:15

Uncle Martha