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this might be a good tactic - Cheny on the 13th

proposed non-violent and completely legal direct action!
Here is what I thought might work to make D. C. (dick cheny) feel unwealcome here in PDX.

If the republican's get bussed in to see him, like they did with the last Bu$h protest, why not "meet
and greet" them at the point of embarkment.

I caught one group of them, accidently, on the way out to that protest at the University of Portland. Their
meet up point was at the Pose Garden, and because the bus had to wait for stragelers, I got to
demonstrate directly to 47 stranded republicans. The cops couldn't stop me because there were
only two of them and they were not dressed up in the storm trooper gear.

It was guite fun to beable to express loudly my opinions and confront the local people who have been
making life difficult and ugly right here in PDX. And the cops couldn't stop me and the republicans couldn't

Wouldn't it be fun to get Cheny by embarassing his supporters and followers.

That's my thoughts.
Location? 28.Dec.2003 22:05


Where will the greedy "followers" be?

location... 28.Dec.2003 22:50


Speaking of location, where and when the hell will Dick be on the 13th...

riot police will be there now. 28.Dec.2003 23:31

bet your sweet bippy

as pdx imc is the cop channel of choice for learning about the tactics of demonstrations in portland (apart from number 2 which is active infiltration of peaceful protest groups), you can now expect to see riot cops, or at least a lot more street uniform police, at whatever place the republican fat cats board the buses.

this is not to say don't show up anyway, just be aware that the cops will be there, as the ppb would consider themselves negligent not to notice and respond to this post.

the real audience for the protests are the republican fat cats anyway. as everyone knows, george w., who does not read newspapers, is well protected against having to see or hear free speech anywhere he goes. why do you think the cops and ss responded so aggressively against a peaceful, if noisy, crowd on august 22, 2002? because the local republicans, and the president, could HEAR (and see) us.

Tactical Terrain Advantages 30.Dec.2003 13:57

Topographical Person

I've posted before. I will post again. And every time this comes into discussion. Our topographical and terrain knowledge needs to be explored and expanded for all future protests. Idea: Take a transparency of the streets maps of portland and vicinity. Then find a topographical map of the portland area. Topographical maps are maps than show elevation and terrain through a series of circular lines. Circular lines within circular lines shows teirs or levels of elevations. The more teirs the higher the elevation. When you put the street transperancy ontop of the topographical map you'll see the most plausibal marching route. The best route would consist of one, two, three, or many more groups meeting to start out at the highest elevation possible and working down and in on "goal". This puts the "goal" at a tactical disadvantage. Think Gravity! Think wheeled objects! If you see that they are approaching form the the side of the hill to pinch you between them. Keep high and keep along the ridge lines untill you get into another tactical advantagious position. Keep yourselves high and keep them as low as possible.....While closing in on the goal. I suggest one rouge group. To be waiting the lowest elevation of arrival. From there the fraction, which should be the most physically fit of the protesters should take off up the largest hill, knoll, or ridge line. This goes along the lines of divide and conquer. Go to the hills, Go to where people live. The police will follow. When they follow you it will most likely be with SUV's and the other tank like vehicles they use in mass demonstrations. 5 to 1 they won't follow on foot because that'll just wear'em out. Bringing their heavy machinery out of the main action will best benifit the whole. When they close in, and they probably will after some time. By that time they'll be unhappy and unsatisfied with the fact that you are higher than they... Disperse make them follow. There'll be police and riot cops searching through neighborhoods with flashlites. It will be a really earie sight for most. If they choose not to follow. Great regroup do it again, and again, and again. Think smart. Don't get arrested right away, more people on the streets the betterd. And most of all know your terrain as well as you know your enemy.