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Beyond Indymedia? How do we reach out to everybody else who does not read this?

This discussion is great... Take -2
"What more can we do?
Indymedia is wonderful, but it is mostly preaching to the choir. I have personally witnessed no evidence of any outreach to the larger community.

Is there any effort to bring these messages to the masses who don't have no idea IMC exists?

Public access radio and cable does not do this. Very few outsiders tune in.

What about IMC putting together a daily single sheet news letter and posting it here in pdf format? Volunteers (you and me) could use their office computers, paper, and copy machines (or even pay for it themselves) to run off enough to distribute in the workplace and on the streets. If it is attractive, readable, and persuasive it might do some good in reaching people who would otherwise remain uninformed.

Whatever outreach methods can be used, they should have a permanent and prominent place on the home page. "

From Joe Mickey
I agree, there appears to be a great deal of what could be usefule information for the general public. You have to think of your readership before you start passing out flyers.

Articles Need to have the actual names of the authors, It will be a great help also if prospective readers know the source of the information and any other places where the information can be confirmed.

Right or wrong, mainstream media puts names and faces to the published and broadcast material. Under the best of circumstances in journalism credit is made for sources of information and when journalism is at its best, when something is an assumption of the collected information but not a concrete conslusion then it is fair to give credible sources their say.

If you want outside the choir to pay attention then you have to respect their expectations or perceptions of the media...

If anything, its important to make every effort to be respectful of the desired readership and believe they would want to know the truth.

homepage: homepage: http://www.tibetanphotoproject.com

A Suggestion 27.Dec.2003 16:00

Not a Fucking Ant

"Is there any effort to bring these messages to the masses who don't have no idea IMC exists?"

You might start by ceasing to think of us as "the masses."

Just a thought.

preaching to the choir 27.Dec.2003 16:18


The best way to get ideas out to people who don't read Indymedia is to talk to them one to one.
There are far too many newsletters etc.
I read on this site because of the important references and ideas that get posted here --- I then find ways to use in other circles. i especially appreciate posters who give links and site references.
I first found out about Kucinich on this site and I am now a contributor/supporter. So the "choir' is not all singing the same tune --- I think that the ideas posted here do have influence.
Also, I often give reference to this site to others. Not everyone who reads this posts so there is probably more influence than one might think.

email the link etc 27.Dec.2003 18:25

Joe Mickey tibetanphotoproject3@hotmail.com

email the link, link it to your websites, do they have a bumper sticker, logo flyers on community and college bulletin boards, Offer to talk at high schools and colleges. clip stories and send to major media. And tell the guy who is the masses to tell his friends. :-)

I think the board needs to sepperate its comments from the articles...
News should be news and comment should be letters to the Editor...
People have to post real names for publishing articles and must be verified and have an email for those who want to carry on and on and on....

Again if you want to reach people you have to have respect for any readers intelligence and you have to ask is the message or the free for all the most important? Education expands the information.

The Tibetan Photo Project is dedicated to expanding a voice from Tibetans
The Tibetan Photo Project is dedicated to expanding a voice from Tibetans

Advertise Indymedia on your own email 27.Dec.2003 18:48


I am not sure if this will work, and there seems no way to test it, so here goes.

Here is an html signature you can add to the bottom of all your email. I used outlook express to create the code.

<HTML><BODY bgColor=#ffffff>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=4></FONT></DIV><FONT face=Arial size=4>
<DIV>Independant Media Center- read it, write it, your site, your
<DIV>Click link to find your local Indymedia center</DIV>
href=" http://www.Indymedia.org">www.Indymedia.org</A></FONT></DIV></BODY></HTML>

This is what it should print

Independant Media Center - read it, write it, your site, your news
Click link to find your local Indymedia center

someone better with html coding and how to present an example here could do a better job than me.

Email signature clarified 27.Dec.2003 19:00


The form program messed the code a bit. This image can be clicked to see it more accurately.

What about COINTELPRO? 27.Dec.2003 23:18


Joe, the US government has been performing "counterintelligence" programs against its own citizens, mainly activists. This site has an activist bias, and many activists don't want to be on a government list for future conviction/harassment in the present PATRIOT act era. This site is heavily monitored by government agencies. Why do you think activists should all be known to the authorities? How will this help activists?

How do you propose that "real names" be verified when commentors post their comments?

Also, why do you suggest:
"I think the board needs to sepperate its comments from the articles...
News should be news and comment should be letters to the Editor"


Why do you think this would improve IndyMedia? Do you believe that discussion is counterproductive?

When you suggest to "send stories to the major media" I think you do not understand, Joe; IndyMedia is independant and in opposition to the corporate (or "major") media. Our motto is to "become the media" rather than to beg for attention to th ecorporate world. I see that your website is well-represented in corporate media. I also see that this is your 9th post here on Portland IndyMedia, your first being Dec 15th - all of which simply introduce and have links to your corporate-media-advertised website. Why does your website refer to the present Chinese government as "communist" when it is clearly a capitalist state? China has not been communist since 1976 when the Maoists were overthrown and murdered. Why red-bait, Joe?

How is the Dalai Lama a "Tibetan" if he hasn't lived there since 1959? Does the God-King Dalai Lama truly speak for Tibetans? Why aren't you talking about how sexist, homophobic and violently oppressive Lamaist rule was in Tibet before 1959? Why doesn't the Dalai Lama talk about the Kalachakra publicly? Is it because the Kalachakra promotes a holy war on all non-Buddhists which will establish a worldwide Buddhocracy? Will the Dalai Lama reintroduce the legal slavery and system of serfdom that made Lamaist rule in Tibet such a horror the last time the Lamas ruled Tibet? Why did you choose to repost an original post made by *mother* only to add suggestions which would essentially halt any discussion on IndyMedia?

8 questions for the Dalai Lama;

Friendly Feudalism, The Tibet Myth - by Michael Parenti

extensive links concerning Tibetan Buddhism/the Dalai Lamas;

former Tantric sex slave for "celibate" Lama Kalu Rinpoche (under threat of death) by June Campbell;

The Dalai Lama justifies WWII, the Korean War, and the Afghani and Iraqi invasions/occupations;

History of the 14 Dalai Lamas;

The warlike, anti-democratic nature of Lamaism;

The Dalai Lama admits to being a paid CIA asset for decades (NY Times Oct. 1, 1998);

Tibetan lamas charged (fleeced) Steven Seagal (movie star) a lot of money to be called a Lama himself;

Interview with former devotees initiated into the highest ranks of Lamaism;

The true story of Maoist revolution in Tibet;

Buddhism and misogyny - a historical overview

Fuck outreach 28.Dec.2003 01:42


I came here because I was sick of getting lied to on a regular basis from just about every form of mainstream and not-so-mainstream "press."

The information is out there, in print, online, documentaries, public libraries, and even in the corporate media albeit in a dramatically diluted and distorted form. My point is someone who wishes to remain ignorant will do so no matter what. And someone who wants to determine what is accurate will find a way to do get that information. It's not really that difficult. Three minutes with Google will provide a lifetime of links. But most people treasure their ignorance. They don't want to know. And if somehow that knowledge has seeped into their heads, they want to expunge it as quickly as possible.

That's why "America loses it's innocence" every goddamned week it seems.


When I was 15, I didn't know how to use the washing machine. And I didn't want to know. Because my mom did my laundry. I ran from any instruction or information which would allow me to understand how much soap was necessary and how the buttons and dials needed to be arranged in order to clean my stuff. Sure, it would have taken all of five minutes for someone to show me, but when an offer was made, I ran and hid.

"Nah, nah, nah, I can't hear you. Washing machine hard. Me no worky-worky."


That's America.

The overwhelming majority of Americans know evil shit is happening in order for them to enjoy their low, low prices at Wal-Mart and endless supply of fuel for their SUVs, RVs, ATVs, etc. But they just don't want to hear about it. That way they can lament not knowing and continue on in blissful slumber. And if you tell them, they'll conveniently forget it before the air stops rippling from your (in their mind) pointless diatribe.

But any half-way serious motherfucker who wants to gain insight can do so with a glacially slow internet connection or a library card.




Don't waste three fucking seconds trying to "reach out." Don't preach to the choir. Organize and share information with the choir. You're going to get far more done with the people who show up here of their own accord than with some relative or acquaintance who you had to browbeat into reading an article or two.

make fake petitions 28.Dec.2003 04:39

Master Baiter

Make fake petitions. On them ask for phone numbers and adresses. Make petitions asking for another starbucks in Pioneer square or maybe a Gap store inside the washington Mutual. Or maybe a petition asking for a Crispy Creme shop to open up in the Police corporation station. Then you do the right thing. You take all of those numbers and you call them three times a day with recorded news updates fromthe Indymedia site. You call them at dinner and ask them if they have Enron as an energy carrier, then ask them if they would like to change their new service. Tell them that it is free for a six month membership and better yet you don't have to be a member to get this exciting new deal.

That's what I would do Joe. I would call them all the time and email them with pictures of people reading indymedia. Or maybe just the black block reading Indymedia. That really converts people.

Look for diamonds in the rough masses... 28.Dec.2003 08:46


While it may be true than someone with an inkling can find much of the information they want/need to become more informed about the general decline of civilization, a subversive letter with a radical link in a mainstream publication might allow some people to blossom who otherwise wouldn't. The same could happen with talk radio... while some old Republicrat coot might dismiss you, his children riding with him might recognise some truth in your words and start looking for more. Just be aware that, if you don't want to be on a government watchlist, your "free speech" had better be well-crafted if you're intending to use your real name.

If this is your media, where is your $$$ donations 28.Dec.2003 13:08


just wondering... all the people claiming "our media"
What was the size of your $$$$ donation to this effort?
Put up or get off the board.

Donations 28.Dec.2003 13:30


>> Or maybe just the black block reading Indymedia.

What's the "black block?"

>> If this is your media, where is your $$$ donations

A) I don't just piss money down a hole. I'm test driving this site to determine whether it is legit or just a haven for left wing cranks.

B) Where is the donation link? When I look at the front page and even the second level pages, I see not one link for "donations." How the fuck are we supposed to donate? I'm sure this site is largely known by the community of activists who socialize offline and that among those individuals, it's known that "Bill takes the checks" or "John collects $$$ for the Indymedia site" but some of us are not in the club. Rather than challenge someone and automatically assume they are sponging off of Indymedia and make them feel like a leech, why don't you helpfully provide a link and politely suggest that those who are sympathetic to the mission of Indymedia donate via "this PayPal account" or "send a check to such-and-such address?"

You wanna talk about outreach?

How about not alienating visitors and potential contributors or time and money.

That's a start.

thanks for the corporate outlook, nn 28.Dec.2003 13:38


<<Pay to play. Gimme money or get out.>>

I'm glad that "nn" doesn't speak for IndyMedia. I don't think "nn" understands IndyMedia. Not everyone has money but most people have time or effort to contribute. There are links to an "about" page or two that you could try, though. Working for a forum for all people is part of the goal, as I understand it.

We don't need your corporate bullshit, "nn" (try CNN or FOX) - but thanks for trying.

Spudnuts 28.Dec.2003 13:38

Aunt Sam


Global indymedia needs contributions badly. If you can afford to please donate imemdiately. Does anybody remember the last time they asked for contributions? I don't think they ever have.

about those donations 28.Dec.2003 18:59

nn nnanncynnannny@hotmail.com

Regarding donations see www.indymedia.org

Please donate to keep your servers running:

To contribute skills, hardware or bandwidth email imc-tech.

Duh I wonder what all you folks thought the support button was?

Server Crisis Needs Immediate Donations

SERVER_CRISIS: At short notice, Indymedia has had to change web hosting providers and replace crucial computer hardware, and needs funds to cover hardware costs, shipping and other expenses. Please donate to imc-tech to keep your servers running.

Donations of programming/sysadmin skills, server hardware and bandwidth are also greatly appreciated: Email imc-tech or visit irc.indymedia.org channel #server_crisis. More info...

Poor gringo
he can't travle to see all the plaec he has answers for and he freeloads here because big bad corporate america has him tied up in the back of a starbucks

Another way to say it ... too lazy to get off his ass and get a job... Gringo is a fake

Ad hominem is STILL all you can do? 28.Dec.2003 21:29


"Working at starbucks"? "Lazy"? "Freeloading here"?

Are baseless and untrue personal accusations ALL you have, NN? Keep the venom coming; it will help the undecided reader (that is masochistic enough to read this whole thread) who is doing what here.

Re: reaching out 01.Jan.2004 21:05

JSc scaffidi@mail.chem.sc.edu

I have to admit that I'm inclined to lean the same way as Spudnuts on this one--people either choose to learn or choose to reinforce whatever their thoughts/ideas (or lack thereof, in the laundry example) already are. By the time we're adults, the possibility of converting one of the great unwashed masses is next to nonexistant, and to attempt to do so is simply a waste of resources.

On the other hand, you have the individuals already interested in learning "the truth" (whatever it might be), who will be out and about, looking for information--looking for unbiased information--sifting through the loads of crap to find that one golden nugget of truth. That this forum even exists is great, as it will attract like-minded (not necessarily left-wing nutjobs, but "truth-minded," to make up a word) individuals simply through google searches and the like. Post interesting news, post ACCURATE news, don't fall into the trap of simply existing to complain about the current administration's idiocy, and the site and group will grow.