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The Daily Poetry Movement

Today's selection is by Gig Ryan, and entitled "The Killing Fields." This piece is about the American Journalist. A commentary by the award winning Australian poet, her voice rings loud and true today, about the abuses and misabuses of these journalist. I hope that you will take time to read and comment on this poem. Earmark it if you will. I am sorry if I have been late in posting this, I actually thought it had gone through last night and I was in a wee bit of a hurry as I had a dinner engagement. Dinner was good, but I am in a wee bit of a hurry as I have a breakfast engagement. I hope all of you kittens enjoy your day. Resist! Refuse! Recycle! Rise up, good peoples, Rise up!
The Killing Fields by Gig Ryan

The journo heroically watches the bomber planes dive
His mawkish face backtracks, sees headlines
that is, money...

Back home, he flips through the video
stalking news, his hands full of gore he didn't cause
Wisely he writes "the despicable Khmer Rouge"
the ditch of bones fired by fervour
for an "inhuman" ideology ...

He's artistic, uninvolved,
weeping for the source's loss. His big American heart throbs
and gets paid
Famous Fugit 27.Dec.2003 14:16

the redcoat

Fame is fleeting they have said to me
This week's hero is soon left behind
You gain brief worship all can see
For those who gain by emptyness of mind

The story was told by one who came back
Who said he saw much horror in the land
From a land in poverty attacked
Such things should not be taken out of hand

The truth cannot be taken from one source
Such journalistic fault cannot be stood
Unless the corp rat wags agree of course
Then you can make up things with great force

Gain your fame in any way you can
It will not make you much of a man

dying is worth a thousand votes 27.Dec.2003 22:00

mark goldhammer porhpans@yahoo.com

leaves hang on for dear life, and
i explode sweets like a flesh piñata,
efficiently painting the door of el dueño
and boosting the ratings of nearby politicos
by virtue of my enterprising (yet slightly gooey)
exit from the wispy/expansive land of make-believe