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The Daily Poetry Movement

Todays selection is Douglas Adams, "A hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy." My wonderful readership, surely remebers the great works of the azgoths? Or the awesome work of my own I have presented to you, uncut and barely skimable? Well, I have decided to honor this great pact between The Word and the ear by bringing you this timeless classic again. Douglas, is not only known for his pithy axiom of bringing a towle when you travel so everyone will think your prepared but also for his awesome poetry. Seriously! Resist! Recycle! Refuse!
Douglas Adams PoetryIf you've seen or read "The Hitchhiker's Guide," then you may remember the part where the Vogon is reading a bit of his poetry to Arthur and Ford. The Guide tells us that Vogon poetry is the third worst in the universe, but my favorite is the second worst: the poetry of the Azgoths of Kria.

"Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning"
Putty. Putty. Putty.
Green Putty- Grutty Peen.
Grarmpitutty- Morning!
Pridsummer Grorning Utty!
Not even a particularlyNice Shade of Green.

An Excerpt from the 12 volume work "Zen and the Art of Going to the Lavatory"

Relax mind.
Relax body.
Relax bowels.
Do not fall over.
You are a cloud.
You are raining.
Do not rain
Whist the train
Is standing at a station.
Move with the wind.
Apologize where necessary.
Aren't there better ways to celebrate diversity? *grin* 26.Dec.2003 18:59

Salmon Girl

A more serious question: does Portland still have a slam poetry venue? Is there anywhere that has a good open mic poetry night going? Thanks, eh.

Dear salmon Girl 27.Dec.2003 12:13

Migratory Bird

I actually do not know of a good poetry venue to attend. i imagine there would be one at The Red and Black. If not, it would be good of you to start one. Maybe a Piece de la resistance ala poetry night. Because of my health this winter I am impossibly housebound 90% of the time so I can't take responsibilty for it myself. But my mother always said this to me, "Do I have to do everything around here?" She always said this to me as well, "I guess if I want something done around here I have to do it myself." Or am I the one who always says that because I am a mother? HMMMM... nope I don't have kids. Anyway the gist of it is, if you like poetry expand the movement. Even if there is one good open mike their is always room for more. Get one going on your block. Have friends over for tea and poetry sharings. Ya know? Cause mother is right, in our lives, it is best to do things that we want to see done.