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Student Power!

- OUR EDUCATON IS STILL AT STAKE ... .. Due to lack of funding.
- OUR FREEDOMS ARE AT STAKE.. ... due to a bad system.
!!! THE YOUTH WILL ALWAYS BE OPPRESSED AS LONG AS THEY ARE SEXUALY AND VERBALY HARASSED AT SCHOOL BY RECRUITERS AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN SCHOOLS !!!! ... our education is always at stake when killers lurk to seduce our children.

Recruiters turn people into killing machines;
soldiers are just machines that turn people into dead.

Institutionalized ageism has long been apart of American scholastic culture. Rules, regulations, laws and orders have been dictated to youth down through the years. The S.A.A. is working with the greater progressive community of Portland to better the world in which we all live, by creating revolutionary community outlets for people to thrive, learn, teach and enjoy without oppression.

The Portland Public Student Activist Alliance (S.A.A.) are revolutionary.
The Portland Public Student Activist Alliance ARE REVOLUTIONARY because there is no other Grassroots youth facilitated and organized group or entity in the U.S. that are run solely for and by youth. Last year students from Riverdale, Wilson, Cleveland and Grant high schools organized walkouts, sit-ins, teach-ins, and sleep-ins to show what state budget cuts were and are doing to public education in Portland. Last year R.S.A.A. members participated in a Student General Strike and march to city hall. S.A.A. organized a march on the Oregon state capital to protest budget cuts, S.A.A. and students from all over Oregon took part in the organization of many anti-war activities last year and are still organizing and promoting around peace. Members of the Riverdale Student Activist Alliance have this year brought a community garden to Riverdale high school. Currently, members of The Student Activist Alliance are looking to do more coalition work with revolutionary groups and other groups,
make more friends,
find new members,
work on outreach to other high schools in Portland, Lake Oswego, and beyond
- SAA is working within Privet, public and other schools and school districs to organize with the working class and an end to oppression.


when the ARMY is in our schools with our sons and daughters their education is ALWAYS at stake.

Recruiters turn people into killing machines;
soldiers are just machines that turn people into dead.
StudentActivism@yahoogroups.com 24.Dec.2003 21:59

StudentActivism@yahoogroups.com StudentActivism@yahoogroups.com


HELLO POTLAND? 24.Dec.2003 22:04

a student DEMO?

IS ANYBODY IS P-TOWN ORGINIZIN? Demos aint completly useless yeh know.

RIGHT ON! 24.Dec.2003 22:06


Our Education is ALWAYS at stake when Killers Lurk to Seduce Our Children.


the anal ary dudes just never give up do they? 24.Dec.2003 22:10

... ... ... give up killing people

hey! i just saw an anti-recruting dealy up on indymedia... but its good people are alert to the situation at our schools, i go to Franklin and there is like a recruiter their every week at least 3 times.

its time we stood up against this crap.... or maybe i spend too much time on IMC \

peace love

DONT LEAVE OUT MLC 24.Dec.2003 22:11


MLC was at all those actions too!

publicity stunt 24.Dec.2003 22:49


It would be nice to see a publicity stunt (or maybe just a "F*** you" stunt against the military), where some students walked up to a recruiter in a school, and spray painted "War Criminal ^" or "Murderer ^" at the feet of a soldier. Students have to bravely say no to these advocates of violence.

The student of course would be penalized, but i think the benefit (a bold, direct attack against the war recruiters) would totally outweigh the penalty. I'd do it myself if only I were in high school.

It's to do with damage control 25.Dec.2003 01:24

A rural under educated person

I've never had much. But I had enough to consume. So like others who didn't know any other way, I did just that, I consumed. I read at a fourth grade education but that was good enough for my diploma at a rural Oregon highschool. I love my big truck. I love my can of chew. I might have a kid or two someday and a wife I figure. I saw on the news this one time. There was this guy with a sign that said "fuck the corporate media". I'm not really sure what that's suppose to mean and somethin' else it went, "SUV's kill children". I mean yeah I drive a big truck. I ain't never killed any children. And I don't think much of someone that does. Like that Bin Laden fellow over in Iraq. That's a shame it really is. Those folks that go to those rally, I guess they never heard a saying that my grandma used to say. She'd always tell me, "When you're trying to get someone to go your way. Hate 'em deep in your guts but always smile and schmooze. Cus a person always catchs more flys with honey then they do with Vinegar." Boy there shure isn't any truer words.

You see I fully support the student activists and some (not all) of what they do. But one thing trully confuses me. What about all those who have graduated from highschool. Or never gone to college. About those millions who never knew any better to be any different than what they are now... It seems through my eyes that most here on this site preceive them as the enemy. They tell them openly and without hesistation that they are dumb, stupid, apathetic, fat, murders and henchmen. Please tell me a situation or argument that you were in when you have positively implemented the words dumb, stupid, apathetic, fat, murder, and/or henchmen and convinced the opposing side to concede your point of view? Most of these people are good people. They know love. They know right vs. wrong. Most do not "want" to go to war but see it as they must. Why? Because most don't know the difference. They're under educated. The original poster speaks of budget cuts; Education budgets have been cut for years. There are those who have graduated and never looked back to realize that they had been cheated out of proper knowledge. The damage has been done to millions. And I say what about them. It's much to do with the now but it's also much to do with the damage control of the past. The failure to communicate, extend, and understand this class of people works to our disadvantage. We have the wit and the desire and compassion. But we lack understanding and basic priciple to change the person. We merely deal with dwindling numbers. AND TO YOU ALL A GOOD NITE!

Peace, Love, Patience, and Understanding

revolutionary 25.Dec.2003 10:33


Um the SAA isn`t revolutionary, it`s reformist. Not to say it isn`t cool, but don`t flatter yourselves to think it is a revolutionary group.

no. 25.Dec.2003 11:22


no. sorry
SAA is a revolutionary group.
it just is.
your wrong.

Question 25.Dec.2003 14:15


Jesse, could you give an example of a local organization/movement/event, or a global one for that matter, which you do consider revolutionary?

"We will be relentless, holding on - for the kids" - TRIAL

yer wrong 25.Dec.2003 14:46

guess again

SAA is revolutionary

maybe inspirational 25.Dec.2003 17:20


If every college student in the country voted, we could elect anyone we wanted to. There are enough student votes in the US to overthrow any non-student voting body.

It ainīt revolutionary 26.Dec.2003 11:52


Um, a revolutionary group has to be actively fighting the present government through non-reformist measures. Examples would be the Bolivian indigenous movement, the Zapatistas to an extent, the Chechen rebels, etc. There arenīt any revolutionary groups in the US that I am aware of. SAA is reformist in itīs nature. I am not some random nut posting here, I am one of the three founders of SAA. And Marko, if you are one of the posters here, you know damn well that SAA isnīt revolutionary, so donīt fool yourself. Holding reformist reactionary rallies is not revolutionary. And I have to say, your defense of SAAīs revolutionary purpose is pretty lame. "It just is, your wrong" is not a very good argument. Iīm not saying it is a bad group, just reformist.

duh... 26.Dec.2003 12:30


Zapatistas have revolutionary zeal through building off of reformist tactics.
Indigenous movements are based on self-survival or preservation; none of these examples can apply to a Revolutionary group in the US because "revolutionary" has so many connotations.

Revolutionary groups can never be revolutionary in the US, because a bunch exsist- and they are not doing anything revolutionary.
A strudent revolutionary group that is run for and by students is

Id say that an organization that promotes revolutionary conciseness- and is building revolutionary tools inside counter revolutionary institutions is infact revolutionary givin that it hasent been done sicne the new left started, and has never been youth working for youth with youth.

Maybe the group you partisipated in last year was reformist
But in my mind building a revolutionary concsience through out the school system
And then creating a school with dual power against the public schools
IS pretty damn revolutionary.

Peace in the streets...

Suicide or Revolt 27.Dec.2003 00:06

Believe It

Revolutionary is Revolutionary, whether it fits your definition or not! It is certainly revolutionary for students to organize! Believe it! We are in a crisis in a community of isolationists. To reach out is Revolutionary! Do You Reach Out?! Educate, Inform, Resonate, Organize!

Maybe you are then 27.Dec.2003 14:50


I am open to the suggestion that SAA is revolutionary. Can you describe how the SAA is creating a revolutionary consciensness? And what revolutionary tools you are building? Becuase from what I have heard, you guys aren`t being revolutionary, since you are acting on reformist issues and not working for the destruction of the government. But I could be wrong. I would be delighted if you could prove me wrong. Seriously. And I congratulate you on finally coming up with a decent defense.
There are presently other non-indigenous revolutions all over the world, not working on self-preservation, but social change, as you must know. The FMLN is an example. As the ELN.
So please prove me wrong and describe how SAA is revolutionary.

ok 27.Dec.2003 21:49


SAA is revolutionary because:

1. It is the only organization run by students for students in the northwest US, which has made national news since the Vietnam-anti-war movement.
2. It is my belief that it is the only group in the US that has made ties between Oregon's internationally known Education crises and the war in Iraq not only out on the streets, but also inside city hall and inside the school board. (Unlike Seattle and san-fran- youth - which both I have spoken to, when describing the organization of SAA with the schools- they were blown away.)

Because of the way the SAA is set up if meetings are oriented correctly all individual schools should be on the same level as those at SAA meetings. It is important for outreach to occur here in order to keep strict and tight contact between School SAA groups or "activism clubs" and The S.A.A. As SAA we have made consensus on being a revolutionary group.
- There for every school activism group that attends SAA to unify with other schools are going to have at least one revolutionary minded person in their school group- thus influencing the rest of the group - and due to being at SAA meetings/parties/ and lib school meetings is a wonderful person and probably has leadership rolls at their school- good for them! They are continuing the revolutionary process by using the things they learn at SAA
- I.E. readings, discussing, and planning... demos, moves, lib schools etc... it is also revolutionary because
- 1. The student activist alliance is the first student activist alliance to take over city hall in Portland
- do banner hangs
- take the streets with out permit
- take the state capital
- do teach ins
- do sit/sleep ins
- feed the poor
- plant community gardens
- paint community murals
- write songs
- And make free love.
- Its also the coolest group of young activists in town
- Also being a teenager is tuff shit- so being one working on creating dual power against Portland public schools is really cool I think