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The rules apply

To everyone but Rush. From today's Boca Ratan Times. (Do you read it Jeb?)
Limbaugh's hypocritical stance on privacy

Published Friday, December 26, 2003

Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves this week to rail against the Palm Beach County prosecutor's office for "violating" his rights by seizing his medical records in its investigation of whether he violated state prescription laws. Yes, that's the same radio host who has staunchly defended the Bush Administration's Patriot Act, which allows for secretive surveillance of individuals and warrant-less searches of personal records—whether it be an investigation into terrorism or not.
The Patriot Act has been criticized as overreaching and a violation of personal privacy and members of Congress have demanded to know how it's being used. But Limbaugh doesn't care when the federal government peers into other people's windows—he just wants them out of his medicine cabinet. Everyone else in the country can be poked and prodded with no warrant and without their knowledge, but some investigators obtain a warrant for an investigation in the public sphere and Limbaugh is suddenly a crusader for personal liberties—at least his own.
Limbaugh and his attorney called the investigation "a fishing expedition" and accused the state attorney of leaking information about the case to the media as part of some sort of liberal agenda.
"The Democrats in this country still cannot defeat me in the arena of political ideas, and so now they are trying to do so in the court of public opinion and the legal system. I guess it's payback time," Limbaugh said on his program.
Does Limbaugh really think liberals control the State Attorney's Office? That's as delusional as him saying that quarterback Donovan McNabb (now leading an 11-4 team) was overrated because he is black.
Hey Rush, were liberal's responsible for that earthquake in California too? Why don't you stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own actions for once?
And Rush, you might want to reconsider your support for the Florida law that strips voting rights from convicted felons.