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See US Kill Iraqi

Enjoy Your Troops
Old hat kill Oct 26-2003-

But thats why were no. 1.

Merry Christmas
Support the troops? 24.Dec.2003 17:42

I aint a marchin anymore

Sorry. No.

I feel sorry for the dupes that got sucked in to this mess. And I sympathise with all the other dupes that were drawn into so many other wars. I feel sorry that so many ever woke up and felt the guilt.

If you are talking to a recruiter and If you are thinking of going to war, listen to this. They will tell you that you are fighting for the right thing. They will tell you that GOD is on your side. They will promise you honors and laurels and a hero's welcome when you come home. I hope for your own sanity that you die out there. For your own sake, I hop that you die feeling that way. That your families and wives and sweethearts do not share the fundamental guilt of 10,000 years of killing each another in the name of some GOD or other. Every poor bastard who dies by a bomb or a sword in a hole thinks that GOD is on their side. Do they dare ask why? Do they dare ask why have you forsaken me?

And sorry if I upset you..........

Where's the first half? 24.Dec.2003 23:22


Why didn't you link to the first part of this story? Before your video begins, this Iraqi -- after making explosive devices and hiding them alongside the road -- was waiting to ambush and kill US troops.

I'm sure this was an innocent oversight -- not in any way intended to deceive the readers...

So what? 25.Dec.2003 00:56


"Before your video begins, this Iraqi -- after making explosive devices and hiding them alongside the road -- was waiting to ambush and kill US troops."

That's irrelevant. The fact is that the wounded man had been removed from combat. Shooting him is no different than shooting a soldier waving a white flag. It is and was murder; and it is illegal.

The soldiers involved in this incident are animals. Mere animals. Unhuman thugs. If I had the opportunity, I would happily spit in their faces.

You know what the Nazis called the French Resistance? Terrorists. And the folks back home in the Fatherland agreed, and cursed the cowardly French. In America, they were heroes.

It really is all relative.

A combatant must be killed with one shot? 25.Dec.2003 11:32


This wasn't a prisoner. It was a combatant being killed. The first shot didn't kill him. The next shots did. Show me the law that, unambiguously, states that this action is illegal.

Uhhm 25.Dec.2003 11:47

sam handwich

'Newton' wrote:
>>Before your video begins, this Iraqi -- after making explosive devices and hiding them alongside the road -- was waiting to ambush and kill US troops.

I'm not sure, but this could have something to do with the fact the we invaded their country. ... hmmmm.

that American soldier is one sick puppy in my opinion 25.Dec.2003 22:48


As for that young American Marine, he is NOT the kind of American that I'm proud of, nor would I pay homage
to him should he be brought back in a body-bag! Get real! What he did is cold-blooded murder, is criminal
behavior, and the poor chap displays definite psychopathic delight in doing it.

Perhaps it's best for those decent one's of us American's that this fellow, and his kind, don't come back!

No! I'll not be waving a flag for these kinds! Nor, standing with hand over heart when "theyt" play Taps for 'em!

Did you notice his teeth? The Draculian fangs in his upper mouth. They are boldly seen, aren't they? What
have we here? A real true-to-life vampire, or some poor WhiteTrashy guy that's neglected more than just his
teeth...like his intelligence, morality, and sense of humanity, as well? Come on...how can anyone sane make
a case for justification for this guy, his act, and his getting away with a criminal war crime?

Umm, okay 26.Dec.2003 00:36


It is apparent from your use of language that you're looking for a technical argument in defense of our soldier's actions. (Yes, our soldiers. Never forget they operate in our names).

How disgusting of you. When you view this video, you should viscerally, emotionally and immediately realize that what you are viewing is wrong. That it is immoral. That it is indefensible. That you would look to the laws, the regulations, the codes of governments to guide your opinion of such an act shows much about your personality. I wonder, for example -- if domestic murder were legal, would that satisfy your conscious?

Nevertheless, it's plainly obvious that this inhumane murder -does- violate international law. (Which is the law of the land under the U.S. Constitution).

I quote, from the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1949:

"Article 8.-Terminology
For the purposes of this Protocol:
(a) 'Wounded' and 'sick' mean persons, whether military or civilian, who, because of trauma, disease or other physical or mental disorder or disability, are in need of medical assistance or care and who refrain from any act of hostility."

"Article 10.-Protection and care
1. All the wounded, sick and shipwrecked, to whichever Party they belong, shall be respected and protected."

Please note that writhing on the ground in pain does not constitute a hostile act. And further realize that being shot is quite reasonably considered trauma. Executing the wounded is not exactly respecting, or protecting them.

This is nothing new. It is, in fact, the modus operandi of the U.S. military. (And all other militaries).

The U.S. news media is complicit. While the blood toll taken on civilians is marginalized, the tolls taken on armies of conscripts are utterly ignored. Americans gather in front of their televisions and cheer nose-cone videos from cruise missiles as they slaughters dozens of men.

We know that in the first Gulf War, the U.S. military buried hunreds of Iraqi soldiers alive in trenches, with earthmovers. Soldiers are buried alive because the folks back home don't like bodybags.

Similar stories will appear from this sequel, you can be sure. Every war has these stories. Vietnam is filled with them. World War Two is comprised entirely of them. The question, then, is was it worth it?