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Amy Goodman interview on Mad Cow Disease

This morning, 12/24, Democracy Now aired a segment about the recent discovery of Mad Cow Disease in Washington State. The program will repeat this afternoon at 4:00 on channel 23.
This segment features a phone interview with Howard Lyman and, I believe, John Stauber
I haven't seen the program yet, but this is the information I have. Lyman says this is the worst Christmas present this country could have gotten, because it will have a negative impact on our economy. He further states that the only reason this is happening to us now is because of, guess what! GREED.
Lyman was on the Oprah show a few years back, and, after listening to him for a while, Opray made a statement that got her sued by the cattle industry. She eventually won the lawsuit.This is a link to a transcript of the program
Oprah and Lyman Transcript

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Is "Mad Jim" off his favorite topic? 24.Dec.2003 15:23



I'm sure Pacifica appreciates the exposure. However, what does this have to do exposing how the Portland Police oppress and brutalize protesters? Isn't your charter to tell the public what awful people the Portland Police Bureau are?

See you on Ch. 11 !

Favorite topic? 24.Dec.2003 16:03


Actually, if anything is my favorite topic it would be the environment, followed by media complicity in corporate greed . Police abuse of power and use of excessive force easily fits into these categories, as the long and strong arm of the law usually sacrifices civil and community liberties in their stampede to protect business interests, whether in the forest or in Miami.
Whether angy or crazy, "mad" is a quite logical reaction to the increasing government persecution of our rights of dissent and assembly.
But, hey, welcome to your opinion, and thanks for tuning in............

Dear Citizen 24.Dec.2003 17:18


Have you been into the eggnog?

response to "citizen" and his/her mindless rant 24.Dec.2003 17:47


"citizen" says this website has strayed far from it's "mission" and gives some mindless rant to go along with
this unfounded observation. As ALL who know (especially those with IQ's in excess of 100), this website is
missioned with the task of "educating", "enhancing knowledge", and "personal empowerment", amongst

Naturally, as result, it goes that if one seeks a personal growth program, such as regular readership of this
website, often do, then one's IQ will likely increase as well. As for a lot of so-called bashing of the PoPo, that's
resulting from some (not all by any means...thank God!) acting like people with double-digit IQ's, and thus,
it's felt helpful to their personal growth to draw matter's of obnoxious behavior to their attention. It's a PUBLIC
SERVICE venue then, and not a venue for mere bashing. You should be thankful, rather than snide, and be
offering praise, rather than sarcastic caustic commentary. I think that sufficiently lays before you (and your
fellow trolls) my views, such as they are, so that there is no misunderstanding. Have a Merry Christmas, and
for ALL of our sakes, do have a Happy New Year and start it off right by being a "regular" to this website, and
see what wonder's it will do for YOU? To fully benefit, however, I caution that an "open mind" will do wonders!

keep up the good work, jim 24.Dec.2003 21:21


don't let 'em get you down jim. keep up the good work. besides, i have a feeling 'citizen' is just a pissed off cop who has to work on x-mas (tm) doing some stupid assignment under code orange. hey, 'citizen', get off the internet and get back to work! (unless, uh, reading pdx imc IS your work.)

oh, and have a nice secular, consumer day.