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KATU spinning Mad Cow already

local MOO!! corporate-prostitute MOO!! news strikes MOO!! again!
KATU (Portland broadcast television channel 2) just ran their take on the mad-cow incident. Their 11AM "news" show stated that prions have not been found in beef cuts or milk--and conveniently omitted the fact that cheap burger meat contains the spinal cord and brain tissue that reliably contains mad cow disease. They also ran a prions-can-be-our-friends segment that cheerfully passed on the research on prions as nanontechnological metallurgical tools.

They also omitted the fact that the beef producers had to have been feeding downer-cow bits to other cows in order to pass on the disease.

Is it time for a protest at KATU? MOOOOOOOOOSATAN!!!!
The Prion is our friend 24.Dec.2003 12:27


This sounds just like the 50's atomic energy propaganda. Fallout? Have no fear. The Atom is our friend. Next thing to expect is a minimum daily requirement listed for prions? MDR for MBM (meat and bone meal)? Prionically enhanced orange juice?

... 24.Dec.2003 12:37

this thing here

axiom: the mere instance of spinning, downplaying, or public relations campaigns instigated by corporations or industries, solicited and intentional, or in this case done free of charge by an unrelated industry, the corporate media, points to the prescence of a sensitive point or even perhaps some fact in the charges being spun, downplayed, denied or given the p.r. treatment.

axiom: the more truth in the charges, the faster the spinning will spin.

spinning and public relations never proves the charges false. it isn't a categorical denial. it cannot be considered something which will stand up in court. instead, it is the equivalent of telling someone "oh my god, look over there!" while you snatch their wallet.

the example described above is incredibly thorough, almost a campaign, even going so far as to paint prions, the renegade proteins which eat the holes in brain tissue seen in BSE, TSE and CJD, as being good! amazing! and the cattle industry didn't even have to ask, as the corporate media was right there quick as a flash to cover their ass. one industry looking out for another...

Feds Too Quick With "No Danger" Alert on Beef 24.Dec.2003 13:38

North Portlander

It is completely irresponsible for the federal government spinsperson to come out with the statement that meat is completely safe for public consumption within hours of the time the suspect cow was reported. She even added that she would be serving beef in her home for Christmas. Obviously 11 other countries don't buy it and have banned US beef pending an investigation.

Let's see if I've got this straight . . . we have an ORANGE TERROR ALERT and are spending millions of state dollars on the off chance that there might be a terrorist attack based on rumor. And we have a documented case of a cow carrying mad cow disease and a human contracting it and yet we are supposed to go on blithely eating hamburgers because there's NO DANGER?

read between the lines 24.Dec.2003 13:58


the best thing to do is read between the lines. I saw the same report on the 11 pm news and the reporter did mention at least three times that this is the only REPORTED case in the us.. true if there has been other cases, just not reported...which makes sense me considering we live in america. The report did say that any cut meats were fine to eat like steak etc....if the normal average american were paying attention they would think to themselves...hmmm, they didnt mention ground beef maybe i shouldnt eat that...but then the average american really doesnt think like that. what a shame.

Ummmmm . . . Hamburgers . . . 24.Dec.2003 16:07


Even if only one cow was found with a documented case of mad cow, that cow was not kept or nourished in isolation, nor was it slaughtered in isolation. Other cattle presumably ate the same ground cow parts and feed that this cow consumed and the offal from this cow littered the floor of the facility that processed it.

It is naive to the extreme for the government or anyone else to say that there is no danger in eating beef until the entire issue is resolved.

EAT NOTHING WITH A FACE! 24.Dec.2003 16:22

A Veggie

All the TV stations seem to be airing a very sterilized and made-for-television version of Madd Cow Disease BUT channel 12 did a fantastic story last night on their 10 o'clock program. Not only did they address the issue of MCD but they went the extra mile and showed the slaughterhouses as well as the downers - those cows that are either too sick or injuried to walk on their own accord. They showed graphic footage of the downers being drug on their sides from the cargo trucks by heavy chains wrapped around their necks and then being hoisted high into the air by machines as their defeated bodies swung by the unrelenting chains. Downers are considered eatible by USDA standards. Think about that the next time you go through the McDonalds drive through and then consider eliminating pain and suffering from your diet!

amused 24.Dec.2003 17:25


I've been laughing all day about the spinning on this. Obviously, the best cover story is that only brain and spinal cord are infected so it's okay to eat the rest, but who wants to eat the rest of a diseased animal which would have probably died in a couple of days of her own accord if she hadn't been slaughtered? Ewwwww!

The second best story is that the cow wasn't raised for meat anyway...she was a milk cow. Boing!!! What does that even mean? Was there some sort of mix up that led to this one being slaughtered for hamburger when she was actually supposed to head to the milk cow nursing home to live out the rest of her unfortunate life munching grass in a lovely pasture?

I agree the spin would indicate that lots of powerful people shit their britches yesterday at the thought of the beef industry collapsing and that's why everyone is tripping over themselves to dissuade any negative public reaction. Hee hee, this has done more to make people queasy than anything PETA could have pulled off.

truth shall set us cattel free 24.Dec.2003 22:45


whats the difference between a downer and dog food? a few minutes. If it dies in pasture its dogfood. If its drug to death at the factory its usda prime. It must be killed at slaughter to be human food. the rest is economic happenstance and doing what it takes to make money honey.

A milk cow, fed not cow (illegal in us-as we are informed) but sheep and pig, which were not fed sheep and cow ( that would be illegal in us) but Cow.....

Bossie, your milk production has fallen below the limit. youn are not paying your share of room and board.

I understand, let me have a few minute to chew a cud with the herd. for old times sake.

Sorry, the truck's here and we have a schedule to keep. (wheres that line familiar from?)

Yeah right. Give me a hand up, I feel weak. Its hard to avoid that 100,000 volt cattle director.

Next! (alex, sorry to be so brutal about the true life and times of bossie the contented carnation cow)

Remember that this disease is already pandemic in Rocky Mountain Elk herds. Isolated my ass!
The elk tragedy is blamed on the cattle feed which well intentioned ranchers gave to the wild stock to help winter over, thinking it more efficient than hay or other silage. Hunters have been very well informed of this for several seasons now!! Open secret!!

ONE, TWO, (wait wait-don't tell me....) one two, and this just in to news central - there is no three. but there is an interesting number over here at 23.....how about that...gee whiz.....and now a word from McD, home of the anus and lip burger.

And be remembering what happened to Opra when she crossed the texan beef assoc.? Lynched all nice and legal like.

Not in milk. ah the jury is still out. But we do know that it can be gotten from eating those Rocky Mtn Elk. (what , do you imagine that headcheese sausage is the regular and common product??) We do know its passed from rodents, like farmed mink, to humans,. I don't recall anyword of mink eating being involved.

But trust us, were the beef and dairy industry. We're like mom and apple pie.

When the hhumanly vectored form became recognized in New Guines, signs started appearing: sort of the local equivalent of a skull and the circle with crossbar which we understand as a "prohibited" or "do not" in this case it said don't eats your folks brains at funerals.

They obviously had a more responsible industry in the funerary business, than we have in the beef racket.

P.S. the author is most decidedly not a vegan. The statements herein are true to the best of his knowledge. So don't confuse this as "peta propoganda." Just the facts as I know them and the rest can take a back seat.

Time to hammer McDonald's! 27.Dec.2003 12:44

Luke from DC

While Mad Cow disease sucks for the cows who get it, it just may keep other cows from being bred for slaughter. Since Mad Cow disease prions are transmitted by spinal cord and brain matter found in hamburger(ground beef), McDonalds is looking mighty vulnerable right now. They are the biggest consumer of ground beef in the world, so it is statisticly more likely that someone would get varient CJD from MCDonalds than enywhere else, simply because more ground beef is eaten there than anywhere else. If this forces McDonald's to go to organic beef, just think of the repercussions...

A good way to take advantage of this would be to prepare fliers explaining how ground beef is the most dangerous thing you can eat in terms of Mad Cow disease, and go to your local McD's with the fliers and someone dressed up as a dancing cow in a straitjacket, and perhaps a banner reading "Mad Cow disease served here!"

Objective is to save cows from being raised in feedlots and factory farm conditions for mass slaugher, and Mad Cow disease is more than a tragedy for some-it can be a powerful issue to save others. If this thing takes off, it could force the raising of all animals who get these prion diseases all teh way back to natural conditons, with NO cannibalism allowed and an end to crates, crowding, and all teh other horrors of the modern factroy farm. The downside, of course, is that chickens have it far worse and seem to get nothing worse than Salmonella, which is also caused by factory farm conditions. Mad Cow could be the worst thing that ever happened to chickens, but with enough dangerous meat out there some people might just decide to give it up.

So how about those broadcasting licences? 16.Jan.2004 08:21

lucky weda

If any of you have read the article on Jim Hyde, you'll have found out (like I did) that people can take back the airwaves. I don't see why we can't just take all of the cases of broadcast misinformation (there are so many, it wouldn't be hard to find atleast 10 good examples) and take it to court. If people are taken to court for slander/libel, and if people are sentenced for lying, then why can't we take these guys to court? They have failed, purposely (not like they didn't have access to the truth) to make the public aware of the facts and nature of the situation. In fact, it almost looks like that's what they were TRYing to do...

I'm not sure if it's findable on the web, but the Eugene weekly had a pretty good little article on Mad Cow.

Also, as a vegetarian, and someone who doesn't drink cow milk, this makes me feel much better that I made that choice.

Think about how sick it is to feed cows, who are herbivores, not only animal flesh, but their own kind; it really ISn't nice to fool mother nature.

get the facts straight 24.Feb.2004 10:49

prions in hamburger

Slaughter houses in the US have a very accurate scanning machines that check for any nervous system tissue in all beef products. Brain and Spinal Tissue is not put into meat, no matter how cheap the cut is, and if some did happen to get in on accident the scanning machine would pick it up and take that meat out of the production line.

CJD 27.Apr.2004 22:49

Mike maweaver@swbell.net

My mom just died from CJD 4-26-04
Doctors say there's no need for a biopsy.
How did she get it?
20 days from diagnosing and now she's gone.
Something seems very wrong today!