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Several SUVs Targeted By Vandals

If you have any information, you can call the Cleveland Heights Police Department
Spray-Painted Message Discovered On Over 15 Vehicles

POSTED: 6:33 p.m. EST December 22, 2003

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Several sport utility vehicles in Cleveland Heights have been the targets of vandalism over the past few days, reported NewsChannel5's Tracy Carloss.

Police said over 15 vehicles were targeted by someone trying to make a point. The SUVs all had the words, "SUVs kill the planet," written in yellow spray paint.

Mark Dottore said his wife's Suburban was targeted. His son, Charles, discovered the vandalism as they were leaving for school in the morning.
Several of Dottore's neighbors' vehicles were also targeted. The person or people responsible vandalized SUVs on three different Cleveland Heights streets, Edgehill, Overlook and Hampshire.
Dottore said he believes it was the work of a well-organized group that wants to get a message across.
Cleveland Heights police said they have no suspects yet. If you have any information, you can call the Cleveland Heights Police Department at (216) 321-1234.

Merry fucking christmas 24.Dec.2003 00:12


Air-polluting scum!

this isn't objective 24.Dec.2003 01:40


OK, since when did journalists stop being objective? (I know... long ago.) Don't they realize they are taking sides here by saying "if you have any info, call the pigs"? I guess they just make assumptions about certain things, and think that everyone feels sorry for those pathetic SUV drivers.

the word is getting out 24.Dec.2003 02:09


now everybody knows. "Suv's kill the planet." Too bad it has taken so long for those words to get out to the public.

Good for the girlz and boyz in Cleveland. Good media campaign.

stencills are more efficient 24.Dec.2003 05:45


My elves achieve enhansed time efficiency AND estheatic controll by use of stencilling.

Why doesn't Anyone Address the Real Problem? 24.Dec.2003 07:54


No, the real problem is overpopulation.The most pressing problem is overpopulation. Why doesn't anyone pick up on it? The problem can be seen in part by the masses swarming up from the south, Mexico City has over 14 million people. More people exist that can be supported and consume more than can be imagined. The demographics are ugly because they roil up messy class problems: but nonhtheless, there they are.

I'm just throwing this out to point up that the focus is wrong. What do millions of families of 6 or more do to the Earth over a period of 40 to 70 years? No, to get self-rightous over these stupid SUVs is dodgy responsibilty.

BS 24.Dec.2003 08:29

ed harley

the problem is most certainly NOT populatation, but consumption levels (primarily in the West). get a clue.

OK kids, it's both 24.Dec.2003 09:03


yo -

the ecological footprint equals the number of people on the planet times their per person consumption.

for example, if a SUV driver in Cleveland uses 25 times the amount of resources as a poor man in Bombay, then the rich man is destroying the planet faster and quicker. However, the whole country of China, as materially poor as it is, destroys the planet equally to a smaller France or California.

The sins of the North are Gluttony. The sins of the South are overpopulation. We are all guilty of killing the planet. Each and every one of us.

There is no over population crisis 24.Dec.2003 09:32

Gustav Prowler

More racist smegma from American environmentalists.

The "sin" of the South is not overpopulation! Has it occurred to you that fertility rates are a direct product of standard of living and education? The over-production and over-consumption of the North is predicated upon (ie, impossible without) massive poverty and deprivation in the South. Poor people with little access to quality education will reporduce in higher numbers: within rich countries, and throughout the world.

If environmentalists ever want to be relevant, they need to drop the racism and misanthropy.

Any Info??? 24.Dec.2003 09:37


"Cleveland Heights police said they have no suspects yet. If you have any information, you can call the Cleveland Heights Police Department at (216) 321-1234."

FYI the capital of the state of New York is Albany.

A chicken is a flightless bird.

Don't eat yellow snow.

Stencils can get you busted and sent to prison 24.Dec.2003 11:40


Stencils are a stupid idea. When you get caught with stencils there is a much, much greater chance of being convicted. Keep in mind that property destruction/defacement can often get you more time in prison than rape or murder in our consumerist capitalist society.

Overpopulation is not the problem. Capitalist systems of distribution of wealth is the problem. There are more than enough resources to go around, but comfortable westerners are hogging almost all of them;

Conserving Racism: The Greening of Hate at Home and Abroad;

Revenge of the SUVs 24.Dec.2003 13:41


Just passed another SUV rollover on I-84 Westbound about an hour ago.

Merry Christmas and a happy new vehicle.

from a collection of the "best" quotes of 2003 24.Dec.2003 14:38

tongue firmly in cheek

My SUV, assuming Hummer comes out with a model for those who find the current ones too cramped, will look something like the Louisiana Superdome on wheels. It'll guzzle so much gas as I walk out to my driveway there will be squads of Saudi princes gaping and applauding. It'll come, when I buy it, with little Hondas and Mazdas already embedded in the front grillwork.

The Evil Equation 24.Dec.2003 14:43

Address the Truth

SUVs are easy, everybody feels good about that attack. But, bring up the elephant in the lving room? Noooo. Discussion of poulation control = racism. Holy Malthus!

Too many people in two many gas guzzlers = Disaster 24.Dec.2003 16:19


Address The Truth - Yes, population-driven traffic jams are a problem BUT the problem isn't limited to SUV drivers. Anyone with a brain who has been trying to get around town during the last month of Christmas shopping (or during rush hour, which is getting longer and longer) can only shake their head at the madness of allowing more and more cars - a majority of which carry only one person - to crowd our roads with no end in sight. More people means more cars . . . something people believe is a right and an imperative. Pretty soon, no amount of roads will be able to handle the wall to wall gridlock.

I live on a busy street whose traffic produces so much noise and exhaust fumes that we cannot even open our windows during the summer or risk being gassed. The traffic never stops . . . not even in the wee hours of the night.

The time is coming, as gas rationing and every-other-day fueling did in the 1970s, when owning more than one car will mean a hefty tax and a much higher insurance premium (with possible exceptions of real need). I don't see our government distributing rewards to people who use alternative transportation, but they should.

We will be looking at a fierce battle. People equate the "right" to own and drive as many cars as they like with their "right" to have as many children as they want. Both are selfish, emotion-driven desires. The only reason they continue to get away with it, is because we have not yet reached critical mass and the rewards for continuing are too great. This grasshopper-like behavior will continue until its results are impossible to ignore any more.

HE hehehehehehehe 24.Dec.2003 16:34


This was a very bad thing to do! ::: slaps writs of offenders::::: Naughty eco-concious activists! Naughty naughty naughty!

Still feeling guilty 24.Dec.2003 17:25


last summer four of use drove south to San Diego from Portland. This was in a thirtysomething mile per gallon small station wagon. At one point we celebrated the FACT that we were getting 120 miles per gallon per person! We compared that to all the single pilot SUV's that we saw on the road and guess what?

We still felt guilty...................

Stop The war Against Women 24.Dec.2003 18:12

Aunt Sam

The problem with overpopulation is illiteracy amongst women. Literally. Proven scientifically. Lots of places where we are pointing our fingers at over population men recieve a somewhat limited education but women don't.

So hence: if you give a woman a book to read she ain't so willin to concieve.

Also, I find it yummy that people were spray painting SUV's. It sound like good art. Unfortunately it would be difficult to take pictures like an archist andy warhol impression. However it dances around in my mind like sunny days with yellow daffodils.

Also if you are so worried about over population get rid of the 12 month calendar. In the daily poetry movement, MB had some great poetry explaining the 13 month calendar.

I think the most important thing that faces our earth today is energy. Energy fields, magnetic poles, wasted energy, personal energy and energy fuels. As long as we live out of balance of time and energy, we will not be able to achieve success as a movement. It is up to us to decide what energy we are going to put into this movement and in what direction this ball is going to roll....

true 24.Dec.2003 22:41


birth rates are directly linked to poverty, despair, and status of women. the highest birth rate in the world right now is in the gaza strip.

The Elves strike again! 26.Dec.2003 15:59

Feanaro Elensar

Looks to me like the Elves just got on the scoreboard again!

Elves again! 04.Jan.2004 15:26

Jeane Burke

SUV vandals--Bravo, bravo, bravissimo!

Both problems are real 04.Jan.2004 15:30

Jo Routens

Population and overconsumption are both problems. Progressives have become a little fucked up in the head re population--you have to be one stupid being to think that a concern with population automatically equals racism. Religion, however, is a sub-problem keeping women opressed--scratch a fundamentalist Muslim or Christian or an Orthodox Jew, and you will find someone who doesn't believe the genders should have any kind of parity.