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Th-th-th-at's Right, Folks! Agribusiness has finally brought you MAD COW DIDEASE!
A cow with Mad Cow Disease was found at Midway Meats in Yakima, WA.
The disease, which ATTTACKS YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM & KILLS YOU, is spread by feeding dead cows to other cows (cows should be vegetarian...duh...). In the 1980's, 137 people died from this ghastly disease in the UK.
In other news, FOX broadcasting has announced an exciting new "Santa tracker" website!

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Another good reason to be vegan. 23.Dec.2003 23:53


You really want to contribute to the lifelong use and slaughter of one those sweet creatures just because you like the way it tastes?

Cows with guns 24.Dec.2003 01:13


Thought it would be a good time to dragthis one out of the archives.



thanks Bessie, this is spot on...cows with guns! 24.Dec.2003 07:18


thanks! what a fantastic hoot? better be careful...it'll give us humans ideas?

Could have been avoided 24.Dec.2003 08:33


Well, well well. Looks like the republican led house made sure we would have this case on our hands. Not to long ago a bill made its way though the house that would have Banned the use of animals who could not walk. Instead, what we have are that they just cut out the parts that have brain or nerve tissue. And this is suppossed to make it safe?

I have not touched beef until recently, now I feel like an idiot and like my brain is melting, help me?

When they say that there has never been a case of mad cow in the U.S.A. they lie... A friend of mine's father died of the disease 10 years ago, and they lived in eastern oregon.

Become a vegetarian, the best time is now..

chronic wasting TSE in elk 24.Dec.2003 12:11

BSE transmitted to elk

Rocky Mountain elk with TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) may have been exposed to downer cows in the feeding troughs of ranchers. The TSE in elk known as chronic wasting is also a prion caused disease like BSE "mad cow" in cattle..

The feeding troughs in large open ranges of the Rocky Mountain cattle ranches are often visited by elk. They may eat from the same feeding troughs that contain dead "downer" cows ground up for protein in the feed. Even if the ranchers stopped doing this years ago, the disease became visible years after the prion was tranferred through ground up flesh of dead "downer" cows..

BSE, chronic wasting in elk and Creutzfeld-Jacob in humans do not show visible symptoms overnight. The prion disease manifests as a slow deterioration of mental functioning and walking balance/gait. Often the symptoms of TSE prion in humans is misdiagnosed as alzheimers, dementia, or mental illness, but TSE prions are not pointed out as the cause..

Living cattle may still be effected by the BSE prion and not show visible symptoms. When they are brought to slaughterhouse, their dead flesh is ground and mixed with thousand other cattle and then distributed by beef industry to american consumers..

the probability of human getting TSE prion from BSE effected cattle could be 1/100, 1/1000, or 1/10,000..

do u feel lucky?

Yes! I do feel lucky! To be a vegan, that is. 24.Dec.2003 12:22


For information on how to start, see www.cok.net

pedantic vegans of the world, unite! 24.Dec.2003 12:39

your mom

How come vegans were so quiet during the e-coli Odwalla scare?

I have a steak in my fridge. Oregon Country Beef. All grass fed. Yum.

Enjoy your prions, mom. However, the 24.Dec.2003 13:52


real reason to boycott meat is the incredible suffering those animals experience so you can enjoy your meal. You don't need it. However, they needed their lives, and deserved to be free from pain because of your whims.

quiet... too quiet... 24.Dec.2003 13:53

healthy and happy

No one I know drinks odwalla since it's owned by coca-cola. But it's good to hear that they have e-coli problems, just more reason to avoid corporate controlled food products. Thanks for the info... Better hope your all grass fed beef really was, and wasn't contaminated though other means (like injections of hormones or anti-biotics). But it's your life, we call can pick our poisons... But some are worse than others.

plants suffer too. 24.Dec.2003 14:39

buddhist botanist

If your argument is that we shouldn't meat because it causing suffering, then you better start starving yerself because all beings have consciousness and are capable of suffering.

Your salad feels pain when you snap it's leaves.

There is no life without death. Nothing lives without causing the suffering of others.
All life is suffering.

But, luckily WE ALL DIE AND GET EATTEN. What an honor to be part of this great meal where, when you're done, you throw yourself onto the table and become the next course.

just ate some meat 24.Dec.2003 17:01

your mom

Actually, O.C.B. is hormone and rBGH free. And I don't care to associate with such privilege where we can criticize each other's diet, instead of fighting real injustice. In fact, I grew up in a family where we shot a deer for the winter for subsistence (ah yes, the recession of 73-74).

Less then 200 people in the UK died from MCD. Yet, the left tells us that we should be more afraid of this then crazed nationalists running jet planes through buildings. Thousands die by getting hit by cars every year, yet there are a lot of vegans that drive. I suppose the baton swing from a vegan cop will somehow feel softer, and the vegitarian hanging judge will show mercy. Sure Hitler did some fucked up things, but hey--at least he was a vegetarian.

Oh jesus christ, "bhuddist," you really equate the pain of 25.Dec.2003 00:50


plants with that of creatures with central nervous systems, pain receptors, and easily recognized ability to suffer? OK, so if I feel like eating a person, that's the moral equivalence of eating lettuce? Are you so "out there" that you really can't distinguish mammals from fungi? And the animals don't just die and get eaten, fool. They're raised in inhumane, unnatural, painful situations, doing none of the things that they would do if they were not confined by humans, and then they get slaughtered in truly vicious ways. If you equate your life with that of a farmed animal, then you really are ignorant about animal farming practices. I'm so damn sick of "spiritual" people being so clueless, and thinking that they can bless their factory farmed McD's burger and somehow the dead cow's suffering was eased; or thinking, like you, that since animals are part of the food chain, whatever f'ed up cruel thing we do to them is just part of the natural cycle. Well, the birth to death pain those animals experience is not o.k. to anyone with any sense of compassion. You are part of the problem, in terms of decreasing unnecessary suffering in this world. Go take a look at some video of farming and slaughterhouses--that's what you answer to.

And "mom," what happens to farmed animals is 25.Dec.2003 00:57


a "real" injustice. Just because you could give a shit about their suffering, doesn't mean they don't feel it. And read up on Hitler--not actually a vegetarian--as if that would matter anyway. So Mussolini ate meat--does that mean you're like him? You can do whatever you want, obviously, I can't stop you. But participating in real cruelty to other sentient being sucks--and you do it directly by eating their bodies. I challenge you to take a look at farm animal and slaughterhouse videos, or go to www.veganoutreach.com and go to the tab about how animals are made into food. But most people who insist on being able to use and abuse animals because of their position as humans refuse to actually look at what happens to the animals, and if they do, they're like slaveholders in the past--they refuse to see any pain that is not their own and that they deem as unimportant. Your ignorance doesn't decrease their suffering.

Hey, Poppi 25.Dec.2003 08:48



'mom' and 'buddhist' are not real people. They are trolls. Maybe one troll. He probably creamed, fantasizing about how bothered you were.

You said what you wanted to say the first time. You said it well.

Nobody, who is capable of understanding what you said, will be influenced by his drivel.