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Queer Revolution revisits Stonewall

Queer Revolution will be holding a video showing of "Stonewall" at Vinnie's Pizza on January 11th.
In what will hopefully be the first in a series of queer viewings, QR will be showing "Stonewall" at Vinnie's Pizza (N Killingsworth & Vancouver) on January 11th. The video will start at 8:30 pm and there will also be tabled literature available for anyone interested. So, please, come, bring your friends. See the beginning of the GLBT movement. Donations will be taken but not at all required. It's a free showing and noone will be turned away.
Fuck Yeah!! 24.Dec.2003 01:02

queer in pdx

Thanks Q.R. for being visible and putting this shit on. The politics of the radical left have a tendency to exploit/assimilate queer struggles and politics--- straight folks beware! We don't need you fuckers to create our own culturally relevent movement.

Gay normalcy 11.Jan.2004 04:43


For me, the problem is not so much heterosexuals within the radical left trying to co-opt queer struggles. Rather it's the ideology of individualist, capitalist exploitation which has effortlessly burrowed its way into the so-called gay community. The owners of the gay bars and the resorts and the mind-fucking brands of porno and the fashion mags and lines of clothes and all other purveyors of gay "normalcy" are, for the most part, homosexuals.

Of course, the more clumsy heteros on the left can have a fucked-up approach to organizing queers. But the only way to address that problem is to build a healthy, viable, radical (and I don't just mean external appearances) queer alternative to the "gay community." Then it will be much easier to distinguish our hetero friends from our foes..