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The Daily Poetry Movement

Three selections by MichaelM: time squared, twelve is wrong, time is your dance partner. All of these are deal with the calendar and specifically the history of the womans calendar. Using science and art he explains our ancient mysteries. The last poem hit me right in my gut and I started sobbing. The last poem deals with the musical timescale of each woman's rythem set to her calendar. With each generation we write a symphony and soon our music accumulates genetically. Read these to your daughter so we may be free one day! Resist!
time squared

The oldest known
calendar was carved
onto a whale's bone
about 180,000 years
ago. It was divided into
a 13 month year. With
each month consisting
of twenty eight days,
divided by 4 weeks,
with 7 days per week.
So each month is the
same as the last. At the
end of that year, you
have experienced 364
days. Now add one
extra day to complete
the year and 2 extra
days every 4th year,
(our traditional leap
A thirteen month year
is surprisingly
uncomplicated and
easy to follow. Each
month is the same as
the last. I was up late
one lonely night,
studying this oddly
familiar calendar when
all of a sudden it struck.
I was looking at a
woman's 28 day cycle.
I submit the person who
carved that bone was a
woman. If not, that man
worshipped the ground
she walked on for his
most intimate
knowledge of her
regular rhythms were
immortalized. And it
follows her cycle was
our original agrarian calendar.
Of course, she was our first
farmer. Her sensitive
relationship with the
Goddess Mother Earth
makes her the prime
candidate. I guess the
man's job was to
protected her land. We
watched her bounty
grow and ripen as she
would celebrate her
days of moon, in a
fertility dance in the
fields. Marking her flow,
day by day, from light to
heavy to light again,
from season to season.
She is not only our
connection to mother
earth, our solar year is
granted to us, through
her. She is the
extension, the
reflection, of our
mother's tides, her
ebbs and flows. The
extra day is in
reverence to her.

twelve is wrong

The twelve month
calendar is patriarchal.
From the 12 helpers of
Amen Ra, the Sun Ray,
the 12 Tribes of Israel,
to the 12 Apostles. It's
really 13 including
Jesus, Abraham, and
Ra respectively. The
Tamarians never
worshipped the sun. No
more than Christians do
today, rather the
Tamarians saw the sun
as a metaphor for life,
death, rebirth and
resurrection. The Sun
of God, Ra, worship
and calendar was
established about 5000
years ago. 4500 years
ago war was waged
against the Goddess,
Bast. If you uttered her
name, you, your family,
and all your cousins
were killed. Bast is the
root word for "bastard."
Bast's star... Bast's
child. The Goddess
bears child and the
name. For thousands of
years women are
subliminally told to
ignore their rythems
and instead celebrate
12 cycles. Now it
seems to me this only
serves to keep every
woman, regular or not,
off balance mentally
and spiritually. Make
her feel as though she
were somehow not
complete, and never
quite comprehending
why. Wouldn't it serve
the world to allow for
her special power? Her
cycle is directly
responsible for
agriculture and
therefore civilization.

time is your dance

Oh there's more...
let's take a closer look
at your calendar. Start
your first day on
Sunday, then every
second Friday
becomes Friday the
13th... for 13 months.
Which is why it's
unlucky for the
patriarchal. That day
reminds you of your
rhythmic connection to
your ancestors and the
root of your power, all
the while fearing you
will one day collectively
remember and regain
your past glory. It's
easy. Here's how....
Mark your days of
moon on a four week
calendar and keep
track of flow, from light
to heavy to light again.
Place each month,
chronologically, from
left to right, as a score
of months. My father
was a musician, I grew
up around sheet music.
For me those four
weeks are F - A - C - E,
on the musical scale.
Each month is a
measure, each day a
musical note: Half note,
full note, quarter note,
3/4, depending on your
interpretation of flow for
that day. So at the end
of a year, by following
your daily notes, you
can literally play or sing
your song. After 5
years you have a
chorus. At the end of
ten years, you've
begun a symphony. And
the days absent of
notes means your
giving your song to life.
The poetry alone is so

URL explanations and additions 23.Dec.2003 17:47

Migratory Bird

another url


This one deals with women on the IMC. Also the URL I provided with the poem takes you to the calender page with these poems. The next poem deals with taking a deck of regular playing cards to create your calender. That will cost a buck. So any woman can create her first calender on her own. Isn't it funny how the women's movement has smuggled these devices through the ages to help us through our slavery to patriarchism. Bless you sisters and brothers! One day we will have freedom, I can feel it in my bones.