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Transmitiendo desde Buenos Aires para toda la galaxia
Hoy, alrededor de las 20.30 hs en Buenos Aires, empezamos la transmisi?n del programa de la Asamblea Florida Este (AFE), para conectarte hace click en el link: http://www.sindominio.net/afe/rla/rla.m3u Tambi?n pueden entrar al chat de la asamblea y comunicarse con nosotr@s en http://www.sindominio.net/afe o enviarnos un mail a afe@sindominio.net Horarios GTM : GMT 0: GMT -> 23:30 GMT +1: Espa?a -> 00:30 GMT -2: Uruguay -> 21:30 GMT -3: Argentina; Brasil -> 20:30 GMT -4: Bolivia; Chile; Venezuela -> 19:30 GMT -5: Colombia; Ecuador; Per? -> 18:30 GMT -6: M?xico; Am?rica Central -> 17:30
translation [slightly edited for better understanding] 23.Dec.2003 18:13

imc drone

Today, around the 20,30 hs in Buenos Aires, we began the transmission of the program of Asamblea Florida Este (AFE).<br>
To connect, click here: <a href=" http://www.sindominio.net/afe/rla/rla.mu" target=blank> http://www.sindominio.net/afe/rla/rla.mu</a><br>
Also, one can enter the chat room of the assembly and communicate with nosotr@s at  http://www.sindominio.net/afe or send a mail to us to  afe@sindominio.net <p>

The original post contains a timetable that seems to indicate that at 11:30PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time--the Prime Meridian) the show starts. For every time zone mentioned, you have to add whatever amount of hours indicated to get the start time. I have included a list that shows USA time zone showtimes (since most US peeps don't know that Mexico time corresponds to Central Standard Time (CST)in the US).<p>

EST Eastern Standard Time (New York, etc): -5hrs=6:30PM<br>
CST Central Standard Time (Missouri, etc): -6hrs=5:30PM<br>
MST Mountain Standard Time (Colorado, etc): -7hrs=4:30PM<br>
PST Pacific Standard Time (Oregon, etc): -8hrs=3:30PM