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City of Portland - Stop the political subsidies

Portland, collect your bills. Stop extending credit to bad risks. Stop wasting our tax dollars.
I hereby demand the City of Portland, Oregon stop subsidizing all political campaigns by the provision of unpaid security services.

All past bills must be paid in full with interest.

All future contracts for security must be prepaid with a full deposit in advance.

All parties. All candidates and their representatives. No exceptions.

The Citizens of Portland have other, greater needs than to provide high security police protection for any politician of any party.

Stop wasting our tax dollars.
Nice 24.Dec.2003 12:32


but lotsa luck. Politics is all about payola. The administrations of both the city of Portland and the state of Oregon are ran by "that man behind the curtain" Neil Goldschmidt. His shadow government controls everything, from the PGE buy out to burying the reservoirs. Vera Katz, Diane Linn and Ted Kulongoski are his pawns. Neil Goldschmidt and his cronies benefit financially from everything that goes on in Portland and the State of Oregon and God knows where else. If Goldschmidt wants politicians to come to Portland they will come. If he doesn't they won't. His tentacles are everywhere.