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Dec. 8-16th CAFTA Talks in WDC

Throughout the week of Dec. 8-16th the Central America Free Trade Agreements (CAFTA) meetings were taking place in Washington DC. During that week, however, there were daily protests in DC and solidarity protests in Houston, TX and Chicago, IL among other places.

CAFTA is, like the FTAA, is built around the same structure as NAFTA. With the FTAA meetings in Miami being unsuccessful for the delegates, the Empire (US) has focused on creating smaller trade agreements like CAFTA to create more money for the upper class, and more poverty for the lower and middle class.

Costa Rica walked out of the talks supposedly becasuse of differences with the US on agriculture and textiles. The US pushed on without Costa Rica eventually signing an agreement with the countries of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Costa Rica may resume talks next month, and the US plans to pressure the Dominican Republic next year to join CAFTA.