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Priest Murdered in Guatemala

Jose Maria Ruiz Furlan, better known as ´Padre Chemita´was murdered by unknown person or persons in Guatemala City this week. He was 78 years old, and the assassins shot him 4 times near the church where he ministered for over 30 years. He was well known for the religous and political work that he had been a part of for much of his life.

He help aquire over 70 peices of land for poor families to build homes on, and was most active in the southern region of the city, where he lived. In 1970 he publically accused the military of killing his borther, and he ranas a candidate for mayor in the late 1970´s. he was also excommunicated form the church for 9 years for participation in politics.

The Human Rights Commission here thinks that because he was such a public figure that there will be serious pressure on the government to find the assassins, but it will be a slow and hard process, but even iftheir identities are discovered, it is hard to knwo if they will be prosecuted.
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