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Big Money Opts for Phallic Symbol at Ground Zero

Maya Lin it ain't
From t.v. sources--

The sponsors of a design the commemorative project at Ground Zero contest have picked an entry that will be the tallest building anywhere, ever. Is this really a good way to remember those who died on that day?

The building will be something like 1400' high, which means it will be taller than the twin buildings in Kuala Lumpur, which means we're better than them.

The first 70 floors will be occupied by businesses and what not, whatever they put into offices, and the top 40 floors or so will be kept empty, conceivably to remember the victims. It is rather a creepy and strange idea, to build this monster and keep the top half empty, as if we can store ghosts up there, or as if to say, we will never forget you because we built all this useless office space up above where the important office space is.

From the design I saw on tv, the building will have twists and turns in it, to make it more unique. But won't this just make it more like a giant veined phallus?

The whole thing is creepy. Is this a good way to remember the victims?
A replacement for the WTC? Like putting a bullseye on the next tenants 20.Dec.2003 15:59


It would take some daring renters to work in the new skyscraper. Or stupid.
That would be a key target for the next corrupt regime such as ex-CIA George H.W. Bush to gain support from the citizens. This is an old tactic made public by Hermann Goerring, an Nazi war criminal who killed himself during the Nuremburg trials.

Big buildings have always been symbolic compared to being functional.
It is industry's message "we're great!" --- just not useful.
There are many vacant office spaces even in congested cities.
R. Buckminster Fuller for years before his death in 1983 spoke on the 2nd-rate design of "modern" buildings:
the right-angle construction which makes structures prone to collapse, the waste on energy due to inefficiency.
Fuller was the designer of the geodesic dome among many other inventions.
The WTC buildings including Building #7 appears to have collapsed due to demolition work, not faulty design or having planes run into them.

Worst Cemetery in the world 20.Dec.2003 20:08


Even uglier than the WTC, if this one is attacked look for disgruntled design students. Imagine what Paris would have done.

My Phallus is Bigger Than Your Phallus! 20.Dec.2003 23:03


It's not really about remembering those who died. It's about proving that we are the greatest superpower in the world. Why else would we insist this structure be bigger than the towers in KL? How childish can this country possibly get? But what better demolition target for the second Bush administration...er, um, Syrian or Iranian terrorists. We've got to fan the flames of this fake war somehow.

Check out the height. 20.Dec.2003 23:13

zero the hero

It's going to be 1776 feet high. Get it? Got it? Good.

any of you actually know anyone who was in the wtc that morning? 21.Dec.2003 00:59

get off your high horse

i do, and the lot of you come off as Wankers Talking Crap. but the opinions of many the people who worked in the wtc probably wouldn't matter to you because they work for financial services organizations, tainted by "big money" in your opinions. it's a building... what would you propose as a memorial? you offer plenty of pissing & moaning but little in the way of alternatives. typical.

ugliness is ugliness 21.Dec.2003 01:20


Well, im from nyc so i think i have a pretty good place to say that from what the building looks like is just plain ugliness. Ive seen alot of buildings go up over the years and I dont know where these architects come from but half of them are shit. If they want to put up some memorial building at least have the decency to remember those folks by putting up a building that isnt a statement to the world that we are better then them. Also, the idea of 40 floors of empty space seems rather useless to me if they are going to spend billions in building this thing. If i know anything about living in the city its about how to utilize the space you have efficiently.

It does matter what the victims think 21.Dec.2003 01:44

Major Whittington

I do care what the living victims have to say about what happens to the site. I don't think they had much of a say in it though except maybe in a symbolic sense. Some of them probably think the new building will be fantastic, some will probably sue NYC over it. A relative of a 9/11 victim recently sued the Bush admin. for ignoring the intelligence briefings he was getting before the attack. That's one way of trying to get some recognition at least about the plight of victims and their families. I assure you none of them had a hand in picking out this thing to sit at Ground Zero.

to: get off your high horse 21.Dec.2003 11:34

ed harley

leave it to some rethuglican neo-con chickenhawk to guage peoples' empathy by their 'support' for the commodified output of a tragedy. typical dumbshit american kneebiter 'thinking'.

get off your high horse 21.Dec.2003 12:55



"it's a building... what would you propose as a memorial?


" you offer plenty of pissing & moaning"


"but little in the way of alternatives. typical. "


If you know of someone who was killed there what are you doing about the shame investigation?

mia 21.Dec.2003 13:03


Architecture is (was) a balance between ecomonics and art. Now most building like this are out of touch with the need, and the cost accountants have the say. The empty floors are more FEAR and THREATS, a warning of dead cities, "You better shut up or the big one will drop". Besides New York likes empty buildings why else would the city drive people out of abandoned buildings in winter? Cities are for people, right

Let me take you higher 21.Dec.2003 13:26


It's going to be 1776 feet high. Let see 1776 the other end of american history, running away again. How about 1962, no don't want people to remember the world was forced to within one word of nuclear war, one word. And in was a russian whon did not say the word and saved the world. But living under the control of CorpNews must here don't know that. Could have made it higher 1963, nay. How about 1968 how about we just pick it up there.

Perhaps a WTC building would be better at height of 1929, keep the boys and girls focused. Zero would be best we need to start over, zero the hero.

Commemorating the Birth of the Totalitarian Revolution 21.Dec.2003 23:00


I think 1984 feet would be most appropriate.

The fix is in 21.Dec.2003 23:46


Who really cares what they do? The taxpayers (that is, the middle class and some of the poor) will be tapped -- of course, it will be made to look like "private" money-- to build some kind of monstrosity where a park would be a better choice.

Go to NYC and see for yourself. There is plenty of room for anyone who wants space in a building downtown to have it without even putting a bungalow on that property.

There is only one purpose for such a building-- to challenge God. Not a bright idea:

1 Now all the earth had one language and the words were common [to all].
2 And men moved east, and they found a plain in the land of Shinar 1 and they settled there.
3 And they said to each other, each to their fellow, "Come. Let us make bricks, and let us bake them with fire." They used brick instead of stone and tar instead of mortar.
4 Then they said, "Come. Let us build a city for ourselves, and a tower, the top of which reaches the heavens. So let us make a name for ourselves lest we be scattered over the face of the entire earth."
5 But Yahweh came down to see the city and the tower that the sons of man had built,
6 And Yahweh said, "See! The people are one and their language is the same for all of them. And now they have begun to do this; in the future nothing that they plan to do will be impossible for them.
7 Come. Let us go down and let us confuse their language so that they will not understand each other's language, each will not understand their fellow."
8 So Yahweh scattered them from there over the face of the entire earth, and they stopped building the city.
9 Because of this, the name of the city is called "Babel," 2 because Yahweh confused the language of the entire world, and Yahweh scattered them from there over the face of the entire world.

and who does care? 22.Dec.2003 10:00


I know one person who was killed in the WTC and 12 people that worked in Bldg. 7 and survived. Do you think the Bush Admin. really cares about the victims (many are filing suits)? Probably as much as they really care about the soldiers in Iraq. Nice lip service and photo ops from all those chicken hawks. And yes, the new tower is a symbol of bravado, a stance that turned our foreign policy into a football game mentaility.

If you care about the victims... 22.Dec.2003 20:25


If you care about the victims of 911... I mean the ones who died, then you should be outraged at how they are being used to further political ambition and bald faced greed. And if you care about victims in general... there were many at the Murrah Bldg for example, you should be outraged that some victims are given more value than others.