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The Daily Poetry Movement

Three selections: Fascist Groove Thang by Jackie Carr, 2004 by Treye Eyler, Saddam Hussein has been Captured by Joel Sax. I have included the fabulous website I got this from. Please save it. Everyday they publish "Poems of the Day," so if I travel away from my computer for days you can have revolutionary poetry to keep the movemnt going strong. Plus, you can publish your peices there. So take what you got and get it on! I like the wonderful youth movement in poetry is see going on! Rad YOUTH! Resist! Recycle! Refuse!

Jackie Carr
34 years old
Anchorage, AK
Jackie Carr is a writer living within North Korea's striking distance. In 2002, she was captain of Alaska's only team to compete in the National Poetry Slam.

Fascist Groove Thang

We have nothing to fear but fear itself
and it's certainly not in short supply.
America now manufactures fear
much like it used to manufacture steel.

While MSNBC and Fox
Iraq around the clock,
CNN unleashes
weapons of mass distraction
against the masses
whose immaculate reception
gets the same state-approved stories
on a hundred different channels
all owned by half a dozen companies.

Just read their apocalypse:
West Nile, anthrax,
smallpox, shark attacks.
dirty priests, dirty bombs,
drunk driver, your cholesterol...

And don't forget: The War On Terror
(or TWOT for short).

But you'll never see protesters
unless they're breakin' windows
or settin' fires
(COINTELPRO, anyone?) ,
or flower-wearin', left-over love children
pitting their pitiful, mythical, dead decade
against hundreds of centuries of war.

'Cuz the slightest hint of real democracy
would give Cheney another heart attack.
He'd hit the panic button,
scramblin' for the bunker
while Dubya dialed daddy
for further instructions.

Rove'd start spinnin'
Rummy'd swear we're winnin'
and Powell would wonder
if his self-respect
was worth getting his son
that cushy job at the FCC
but don't get me started on that one.

These are the men
(okay, Powell excepted)
whose patriotic duty never took them
or their sons and daughters
to frontlines for slaughter.
No, their kids ain't cannon fodder.

Our own dear leader
couldn't do two years in the Guard,
deserting rather than take a drug test.
So while Gore was tokin' in Asian jungles
Dubya was snortin'
and weaving across lines,
bungling business deals left and right.

At least we know where the twins get it.
And his niece Noelle?
Hell, at this rate, she'll be President.

And pundits still offer unwavering support
for our dear leader
while still pointing fingers
at Chomsky and Nader
for the state of the nation,
but never at the proles
who actually cast votes
for these Mayberry Machiavellis.

Never at Gore
whose fatally flawed campaign
couldn't win his own damn state
much less the Supreme Court.

And everybody breathes this sigh of relief
that he won't run for re-election in 2004.
He should've taken arms
against this sea of troublemakers
and by opposing,
end this fascist facade.
He should've
called for an economic repossession
for the people, by the people
He could've
sworn to rise with the ranks
and not from them.

But talk like that
gets candidates shot
by crazed lone gunmen.

Talk like that
makes planes crash
weeks before an election.
Just ask Kennedy, King or Carnahan,
Milk, Begich, Boggs or Wellstone.

You can't,
so hang up the phone.

I guess it's just best
to keep your mouth shut,
fall in line
and get behind
this fascist groove thang.

It won't be that bad
unless you're brown
or poor
or talk funny
or think funny
or raise your voice in the airport.


Treye Eyler
13 years old
im a 13 year old punk...i am against the war and if you think that someone thats only 13 cant understand all the reasons for the war and all the reasons to stop this war, you are wrong...

bombs are blasting
glass is crashing
corporate wallets are fattening
people are crying
civilians are dying
towers are falling
mothers are bawling
iraqis scattered on the ground
osama bin laden has yet to be found
welcome to the new millenium
bush gives a 'thumbs up'
children are corrupt
families been destroyed
now everyone's paranoid
i am free in the us
still so many minorities under false arrest
cant drown out the lies
cant silence the cries
as the "enemy" slowly dies
so fight or mobilize for peace
dont listen to the war machines
welcome to the new millenium
welcome to 2004


Saddam Hussein has been Captured

The day they caught him
it was clear, Like most
other Mesopotamian days.
The sun leaned on the desert. Ditches
sluiced the water from the Tigris
to the fields of his ancestors. A
subterranean wash sent it back again.
An Edenic serpent that had
survived all its conquerors
bit its tail and took no notice
of the twitching body concealed
in the Place of the Corpse.

Inside his ventilated grave
he flicked his eyes, probing
strobic flashes of his last seraglio.
Under pink melon domes and
honeycombed muqarnas he strutted
past multifoil arches where he stationed
incorruptible guards,
Sunni muezzins who prayed for him,
and, in a singularly bulbous niche
a Koran written in his own blood.
When the men of the Fourth
exhumed him from the simpler dirt-topped vault
where he hid outside of the dream,
he looked nothing like the
nerve-gas-breathing monster
with the massive khaki chest
who terrorized a distant nation
by denying that he had what he didn't have.

More like a Santa Claus,
a coal-blackened beard
looking sad because
he had no gifts to give
the beardless boys
who captured him or
the observant doctors
who proved before
the American press corps
that he had not yet been embalmed.

When I heard the news
it was raining. Fat drops
Widely spaced apart.
Hitting the pavement explosively.

Too corrupt at such a young age 23.Dec.2003 19:04

annonymous smalczuk@aol.com

Your 13, and way too young to be this stressed about life. I know your a "punk" but why so morbid? Any way there are more good than bad things in this life, anyway my point would be if you want to write about war go to a specific archive your too depressing!