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Sample Comment - due Dec 21 for Meteor Timber Sale that Could Devastate Salmon River

The Klamath National Forest Service is proposing to log 744 acres in the spectacular Salmon River watershed, threatening ancient forests, Riparian Reserves, and Wild and Scenic River corridors.

Sample Comment: (please feel free to cut and paste and get this in the mail TODAY!!)

EPIC, the Klamath Forest Alliance, and Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center are challenging the Knob Timber Sale in federal court, and need your help to block the disastrous Meteor. The majestic Salmon River is much too precious to lose, and the Forest Service must know that citizens from across the state and nation demand its protection. Please write the Klamath National Forest today and urge them to deny the Meteor Timber Sale and to protect the Salmon River and these ancient forests. Key issues on the logging sale are [ below ].

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