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ABC and other network bias protested Monday eve Dec15th at KATU

25 to 35 enthusiastic shouting protestors, with GREAT signs AND chant leadership, lined both sides sides of NE Sandy Blvd at 22nd Ave at KATU-ABC-affiliate Mon Dec 15th from 5-5:30 pm to protest Media brownout on presidential campaigns of Dennis Kuninich, Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton.

I was there as one of a dozen people not particularly associated with Kucinich campaign who decided this was an important issue on its own merits and wanted to participate.
. . . The organizers did a great job of pulling this zesty event together at short notice, using portland.indymedia as well as, I assume, several list serve arrangements. We got such enthusiastic honking from passing traffic I almost thought the drivers had signed on as extras. And so far as I saw, there was not a even a hand held sign telling people to "honk for something."
. . . The organizers, at least mostly from the Kucinich campaign, were seriously considering a second protest on the same issue--and it surely looks like it could be a success too.
. . . The only downside I can think of is that they left the IMC report back to somebody who did little more than drop by with a sign.