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The Daily Poetry Movement

Transitional by William Carlos Williams. I hated W C W. I had to read the stupid ones in lit class in college. Imagine my surprise when he turned out to have mind blowingly good poetry. Is this why the beats named him as a hero? Here I am shuffling through web pages, all disorganized when I come across this: Yes, I am so uncool as to have not read this before. Poetry is rad isn't it, it sums up a thought and then dismisses it so quickly. I do hope my loyal poetry geeks are getting ready to give it good and eloguent to Cheyney. Resist!

First he said:
It is the woman in us
That makes us write--
Let us acknowledge it--
Men would be silent.
We are not men
Therefore we can speak
And be conscious
(of the two sides)
Unbent by the sensual
As befits accuracy.

I then said:
Dare you make this
Your propaganda?

And he answered:
Am I not I--here?

(from The Tempers, 1913)