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Eugene Carpools to the Biscuit Logging Hearing Wednesday Dec 17

This is a great chance (and your only chance) to vocally comment on this nightmare of a project that affects the proposed Siskiyou Wild Rivers Conservation Area
Hearing on Biscuit Fire Recovery Plan

The largest timber sale in modern history is being planned in the Siskiyous
in Southern Oregon. The Forest Service's preferred alternative for the
"Biscuit Fire Recovery Plan" calls for logging 518 million board feet of
trees-enough logs to fill logging trucks parked bumper to bumper from
British Columbia to Baja. Over 12,000 acres of inventoried roadless areas
will be logged, and the Forest Service estimates that 57,000 acres of
inventoried roadless area will be degraded to such an extent that they will
ineligible for future Wilderness designation.

There is one opportunity to express our concerns in a public forum, and it
is this Wednesday, December 17 (tomorrow) in Grants Pass, at the Josephine County Fairgrounds from 5-9 PM. We really need to have a good showing to demonstrate that lots of Oregonians have concerns about such destructive logging billed as fire recovery. If you are available, I urge you to come

There is a bus that is coming down from Portland and making
a stop at Lane Community College at 3:00, at the bus stop at the main
pedestrian entrance of campus. School is out this week so there should be
plenty of parking. This should be a fun ride down with a good crew of
folks, with a little later leave time.

If you are not able to attend, definitely take a few minutes to send in
comments. The comment period has been extended to January 20. All the
information is in the attached document or you can send in comments from the
Siskiyou Project's website at www.siskiyou.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.siskiyou.org