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Showing of film "American Son" about General Wesley Clark

"American Son" Preview
Award-winning producer Linda Bloodworth unveils her newest film, a biopic, "American Son" about the life and times of General Wesley Clark. It's supposed to feature Clark's family, life-long friends and the soldiers who served under his command, and details Clark's accomplishments and his story.
Clark House Party

Type of Event: Open House

Description: A part of the Nation Wide Clark House Party, donations to the campaign are accepted. And RSVP is required, bring a dish to pass.

Date: 12/18/03

Time: 6:30pm

Address: NE Roselawn
Portland, OR 97218

Directions: NE 67 to NE Roselawn call for more instructions.

Host: Greg Peters
Meet Republican War Criminal Wesley Clark 17.Dec.2003 08:52

more militarism is not the solution

Meet Republican War Criminal Wesley Clark

See comments at:

Free Milosevic! Cage Wesley Clark! Exicute clinton and albright! 18.Dec.2003 14:37

JP Cupp

Did anyone else see that Milosevic is running for president even while in confinement!