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Transcript of Bush interview on ABC News

Is this guy seriously our president?
President Bush was interviewed by Dian Sawyer this evening. Here is a copy of the written transcript. It is some of the most puzzling and infuriating statements I have ever heard. I especially like the "WMD Intellence" section.  http://abcnews.go.com/sections/primetime/US/bush_sawyer_excerpts_1_031216.html
"What's the Difference?" 20.Dec.2003 07:07

Jeffrey P. Nunnari

"What's the difference?" That was King George II's - er, President Bush's, response to Diane Sawyer when she confronted the prez on the issue of the failure to find WMD. That attitude - extreme arrogance - is the hallmark of this administration. Hey, the ends justify the ends, apparently. The logic is simple, and the hoax magnificent. Saddam is a bad guy, and needs to be removed from power. The alleged WMD provide the justification. Oh, yeah, and that spreading of democracy thing, too. The war on terrorism provides the political cover that the prez and his good friends from the Project for the New American Century need, even though there is absolutely no link between 9/11 and Saddam. But hey, what the heck, 70% of the American people think there is a link (we can blame "our" own ignorance, here), and so why not reinforce the misconception by constantly providing the "linkage" every time an administration official opens his or her mouth to talk about the two completely unrelated topics. That's the logic of the Big Lie. And it worked. So, having made the case, Bush realizes his ultimate objective, which has nothing to do with the war on terrorism, the Iraqi people, or national security; Saddam is removed, then he is captured; all of the doubters rally behind the prez; and Bush is a hero for achieving his original objective (never mind the purported "justification") and avenges his father. Isn't America great? Meanwhile, the house-to-house round-ups continue, alienating a population and planting the seeds for future terrorists, the real terrorists flock to Iraq, which had none before, more troops die, as well as innocent civilians, we lose the sympathy of the world engendered by 9/11, and the next episode of "The Bachelor" is enjoyed by millions. The electorate in this country had better wake up and smell the coffee.