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Timing is all when exposing propaganda. It's best to let the hype ease, then pop the media balloon. At first, the mass perception can be persuasive. But, soon the magic show audience wonders: how did they do that?

So here's how they did it.
US MIlitary Map
US MIlitary Map
For months we have wanted to get out hands on the warmonger who terrorized the world with weapons of mass destruction. But, as we couldn't get George Bush, we had to make do with Saddam Hussein. A second rate toughman who used to run a now third-world country. The mass media are content: we caught us a dictator. Or did we?

Before being swept away by the hysteria, there are two key questions. These lead to a whole lot more. Then to some surprising answers.


First question: whatever happened to all those legendary doubles of Saddam. You know: the supporting cast of look-alikes who made it fruitless to try assassinate him.

The doubles reportedly had plastic surgery and practiced Saddam's mannerisms, walk, and even facial tics. So, odds were at least 5, maybe 10 to 1 you would just kill some unfortunate actor instead.

When the Americans invaded, this crew of doubles were suddenly jobless and footloose in Iraq. Ever wonder why none were reported caught?

They didn't have billions in a Swiss bank. No loyal cadre. No hoard of pocket money for greasing the palms needed to don a low profile and keep it.

So, if anyone was to be caught, the chances are 100 to 1 the first to be nabbed would be a clone. Yet, US forces scouring the country did a strangely dismal job of catching them.

How come they got so lucky that the first Saddam they gabbed happened to be the real thing? And be caught with such exquisite Karl Rov-ian timing to boot.


Second question: Maj-Gen Ray Odierno, the man running the Saddam grab, seems to have had a terrific break. Even with the claimed red hot intelligence info, US forces initially failed to find Saddam in raids on two locations near ad-Dwar. But, said Odierno, troops threw up a subsequent cordon and after a local search operation unearthed the fugitive.

Hold on a moment. Their 'actionable intelligence' led to raids on two prime locations, but only when they failed to find the most wanted man in the world did they bother to throw a cordon around the area?

Pardon me for being such a poor military strategist. But wouldn't any military or police hunt aimed a specific location surely throw a cordon BEFORE going in -not after? That way if the target moves then at least they still have him boxed in? This seems obvious to you and I, but clearly we don't have what it takes to rise to the top of the US military.

You are getting the idea that I smell a rat. The rat odor is that according to a US military map, the location where 'Saddam' was found is close to a cordon point and far from the targets and the rest of the troops.

Suppose that instead of trying to find a rat in an unknown trap, you actually wanted to place a rat look-alike in a prearranged trap.

In order to make a great show of finding him shortly afterwards.

The last thing you want is a 600-strong Raider Brigade stomping all over the rat hole. So you send them on a nearby wild goose chase --the Wolverine 1 & 2 locations. Meanwhile your very special ops team slips the rat into his rat hole to be pulled out moments later. With everyone trying to look surprised when they 'find' him.....................


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