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Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network Update Reports

1.PFLP Militant Shows Solidarity with President Saddam Hussein
2.Anti-Imperialist Camp Rome's Iraqi resistance demo: We are tip of iceberg
3."Death to the Pigs that Live in Washington and Tel Aviv!!!"- Message Calling to increase Jihad a thousand Fold Recieved by the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network. 4.A.N.S.W.E.R. statement on recent developments in Iraq
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Stand on the Side of Iraq!!!
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Stand on the Side of Iraq!!!
A meber of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, shows his militant Solidarity with President Saddam Hussein by waving the above shown banner complete with a live grenade December 15 in the Gaza Strip Town of Khan Younis.

Rome's Iraqi resistance demo: We are tip of iceberg

On Saturday, 13th December, 2003 the first larger manifestation in
Europe in emphatic support for the Iraqi resistance against the US empire
took place. Nearly one thousand people participated and even the main
Italian bourgeois paper, "Corriere della Sera", which was at the
forefront of the media campaign against the mobilisation, had to admit the
success. They spoke of 800 participants.

The manifestation took place amidst a tremendous McCarthyist witch hunt
not seen since the 70s. The supporters of the Iraqi resistance were
attacked as "terrorists" and as "Islamo-Nazi-Communist block". The slander
campaign was operated by a transversal front ranging from the far right
(all the main Fascist organisations) to the far left (led by
Rifondazione Comunista) passing by the two party regime (the forces of the
Berlusconi government as well as of the centre left opposition).

Facing this extreme polarisation the mood of the participants was
highly combative. Despite the fact that both the speakers as well as the
participants originate from different political backgrounds an
extraordinary sense of unity was to be felt having commonly repulsed the
imperialist and Zionist enemy and its aides no matter in which disguise they
have appeared. Between the speeches speaking choirs were shouted reaching
their climax when Awni Al Kalemji, spokesman of the Iraqi Patriotic
Alliance, entered the hall: "Free Iraq" and "long life the Iraqi

He had to be broad secretly in order to avoid provocations. The hall
was heavily guarded by riot police and plain clothed agents. Also
provocateurs of the Iraqi quislings including the Iraqi Communist Party showed
up - but their attempts to disturb were frustrated.

Originally the mobilisation was scheduled to close with a protest rally
in front of the US embassy which was, however, forbidden by the
ministry of interior. So it was decided to continue the assembly in closed
hall in order to pave the way for a national committee in support of the
Iraqi Resistance to be found in a meeting scheduled for early next year
based on respective local solidarity caucuses.

In his conclusive speech Moreno Pasquinelli, the spokesman of the
Anti-imperialist Camp, which was instrumental for the mobilisation, assessed
the day of action for the resistance as a success sowing seeds destined
to grow soon. "They wanted to isolate and suffocate us. But they
failed. Everybody could hear the voice of resistance against the US empire.
Those who dared to come here form part of a vanguard. When we will take
to the street next time we will have broken the ice and multiplied our
forces." The mobilisation voiced the democratic sentiment of vast
strata of the Italian population sympathising with the Iraqi resistance
against the US tyranny and for the defence of elementary democratic right
against the preventive war.

In his speech Awni Al Kalemji stressed that the battle being fought by
the Iraqi people is on behalf on entire humanity. "Our victory against
the invaders and occupants will open the door to all the oppressed
people of the world to get rid of the tyrants supported by the US. It will
be the signal for the end of the US global rule." He closed by saying
that he will not thank the organisers and participants as we conduct the
very same battle shoulder on shoulder.

Among those intervening were prominent figures of Rifondazione
Comunista (PRC) which only one day before the manifestation issued an official
statement threatening all those to participate with expulsion.

Among the PRC's dissidents Domenico Losurdo, docent for philosophy, who
called the UN embargo against Iraq the post-modern version of the
Nazis' KZ. The US have kept the spirit of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the
biggest terrorist acts against mankind ever committed, as they openly
announced their readiness to attack with nuclear weapons of mass destruction
whoever claims its basic right of self-determination. It is outrageous
to counterpoise the US' preventive war to terrorism. This war is a
terrorist war while the military resistance is both legitimate and
necessary. This it has already brought one important result: the US is hindered
to attack further countries!

Fabio Pasquinelli (no family ties with Moreno Pasquinelli), regional
secretary of the PRC, who had been menaced repeatedly by party official
not to participate at the manifestation, said that real communists will
not allow that "war of aggression" be termed "peace mission" and
"resistance" "terrorism". There is no third way between imperialism and the
resistance. The political and armed resistance in Iraq and Palestine
must be supported.

Aldo Bernadini, docent for international law, defender of Milosevic and
member of PRC, called his party leader "Hare Krishna communists" as
they insisted on "non violent means". He attacked the argument that the
Iraqi resistance would not carry a social programme: "This is a miserable
pretext. Everybody knows that national sovereignty is a precondition of
social development."

The most emotional intervention was that of Mara Malavenda, leader of
the radical unions Slai-Cobas of Alfa Romeo who was once also Mpon a RPC
ticket. It is a shame for the left not to support the mobilisation for
the Iraqi resistance while Berlusconi is serving as the instrument of
the US imperialism. The attack on our democratic and social right is
linked to the attack on Iraq and Palestine. We will be always on the side
of the wretched of the world while the US is trying to impose new
slavery. Eventually she gave the banner of her organisation to Awni Al
Kalemji in exchange for the Iraqi flag.

There were others to intervene like Costanzo Preve, a Marxist
philosopher, Claudio Moffa, historican, Luigi Cortesi, publisher, Roberto
Massari, historian, Franco Pelazza, lawyer etc.

Greetings have been sent from Franco Cardini, a conservative Catholic
historian, Hamza Piccardo, the leader of the Union of Islamic
Communities and well as Padre Benjamin, long time fighter against the genocidal
embargo on Iraq. International support declarations were received from
two dozen organisation including the different forces of the Iraqi
resistance. A selection was read to the audience.

The bourgeois media and even the most vicious press outlets of the
"left" had to admit that were not a single fascist. On the contrary
"Corriere della Sera" spoke of a challenge to the official "left" which
intends to go to government with the centre left being forces to accept their
slavish subordination to US imperialism. The incipient broad
anti-imperialist pole created by the manifestation could serve as an alternative
to the chauvinist and imperialist transformation of the historic left.

However, the Rome mobilisation was only a first step. To continue the
Anti-imperialist Camp proposes

a) to carry on the campaign to collect funds for the resistance (10
euro campaign)
b) to send a solidarity delegation to Iraq by spring of next year
c) to set up support committees for the Iraqi resistance throughout the
d) which should be eventually unified in an international congress in
support of the Iraqi resistance.


Transcripts of the interventions and pictures will follow soon.

Analysis of the transversal front against the resistance

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Many other statements and analysis you can find under:

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PF 23, A-1040 Vienna, Austria
camp (at) antiimperialista.org

3."Death to the Pigs that Live in Washington and Tel Aviv!!!"- Message Calling to increase Jihad a thousand Fold Recieved by the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network.

Bismillah Hir-Rahman Nir-Rahim

As-Salaamu' Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu


I call upon all Islamic forces to intensify Jihad a thousandfold. We shall fight smarter, better and harder than ever. America and Israel will pay dearly for all that they have done. They shall be despised and humiliated from every side.
The propaganda that have broadcast incessantly over their Zionist networks was a total fabrication. There was NEVER ANY SURRENDER. NEVER WAS SADDAM TAKEN OUT OF A HOLE. Saddam fought. There was a big battle in which the kaffir were losing so they used gas to knock everybody out and simply took Saddam in his sleep. He didn't have a chance to detonate the bomb belt around him because the gas prevented him.

The kaffir think that they will get their Zionist appointed pigs in the illegal Iraqi Governing Council to execute Saddam but they are in for a rude awakening. This capture will be the end of many people and inshaALLAH Saddam will survive to have the last word.

If anything should happen to Saddam while in kaffir captivity everyone knows what to do. The matter will not end there.



DEATH TO BUSH, SHARON, BLAIR, AZNAR, BERLUSCONI and all the other pigs that serve America in the West !!!



from the servant of ALLAH
Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad


Dec. 14, 2003

The U.S. military capture of Iraqi president Saddam
Hussein is being trumpeted by the corporate media and the
Bush administration as simultaneously a great victory, the
start of a new era, and justification for the U.S.
invasion and occupation of Iraq.

The seizure and public display of Saddam Hussein may be a
propaganda victory for imperialism, but it changes nothing
fundamental about the situation in Iraq, particularly the
reality that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq
constitute a blatant and brutal violation of both
international and U.S. law.

While hailing the detention of Saddam Hussein after an
intense 8-month search, the current co-dictators of Iraq,
L. Paul Bremer and Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, are
expressing the hope of the Bush administration as a whole
that this development will signal the beginning of the end
for the Iraqi resistance.

But intensifying Iraqi resistance to the illegal and
colonial war and occupation has not been primarily based -
according even to the more knowledgeable corporate media
journalists in Iraq - on loyalty to any particular
individual. Instead, it is a response to the negation of
Iraq's sovereignty and independence, as well as the
increasing brutality of the occupying army.

Even supporters of Bush's war such as Sen. Jay
Rockefeller, Vice-Chair of the Senate Intelligence
Committee, are raising questions: "Given the location and
circumstances of his capture, it makes clear that Saddam
was not managing the insurgency. ... That is significant
and disturbing because it means the insurgents are not
fighting for Saddam, they're fighting against the United

There can be no question that the Iraq occupation is a
colonial project in every respect. The U.S.-appointed
"Iraq Governing Council" is headed by CIA asset Ahmed
Chalabi, whose family was the richest in all of Iraq when
the British-controlled regime was overthrown in 1958. All
of Iraq's assets are being put on the auction block.

The U.S. is setting up colonial-style Iraqi police,
intelligence services, and paramilitary death squads. It
is taking and holding family members hostage, including
children and grandparents, to force Iraqis to submit
themselves for "interrogation." U.S. forces are using
"Israeli-style" collective punishment and violence against
the population as a whole in large parts of the country.

"With a heavy dose of fear and violence, and a lot of
money for projects, I think we can convince these people
that we are here to help them," stated a U.S. battalion
commander in Iraq (New York Times, December 7, 2003). He
was speaking from one of the many Iraq villages that the
U.S. has wrapped in razor wire, holding entire communities
prisoner. A sign on the barbed wire reads, in English
only, "This fence is here for your protection. Do not
approach or try to cross, or you will be shot."

The U.S. government has a long history of destabilizing
and overthrowing governments and replacing them with
brutal dictatorships. One need only look at Iran, the
Congo, Guatemala, and Chile to know that the democratic or
undemocratic character of the government targeted by the
U.S. has never been the motivation for its actions. In
that context the U.S. government has supported the most
brutal dictatorships and military regimes.

The long standing demonization of the former Iraqi
government followed by the invasion and occupation of Iraq
is part of a larger global project by the United States to
militarily destroy any government that seeks to maintain
even nominal independence from the dictates of Washington
and Wall Street. The leadership of North Korea, Iran,
Syria, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Palestine and others have been
selected by the Bush administration for destruction. This
stands in fundamental violation of the right of self
determination. Only the Iraqi people have the right to
determine who their leaders will be.

People should keep in mind as they watch the forthcoming
carefully packaged documentary of the "crimes" of the
former Iraqi government, that the Bush administration has
taken tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives, has
plunged Iraq into chaos and anarchy, and has removed the
essential features of sovereignty for the Iraqi people who
struggled in the past for decades against colonial rule.

The occupation is taking the lives of Iraqis, U.S. and
other "coalition" forces every day. While Halliburton,
Bechtel and other U.S. corporations are reaping immense
profits, the people both here and there are paying the
price for Bush and his corporate friends' looting spree,
in blood and money. According to administration figures,
the cost of the Iraq occupation is 210 million dollars
every day. The administration has stated that it need not
bother to count the number of Iraqis that it kills.

We will continue and intensify our mobilizing work to
demand: "End the Occupation, Bring the Troops Home NOW!
Money for Jobs, Health Care and Education, Not for War and


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