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An anti-car college course

The University of Wisconsin has an excellent course on how corporate capitalism leads to environmental degradation. Here is a page from their online courseware:
Be sure to check out the optional resources page. It has tons of fun anti-car articles:
a note of caution 16.Dec.2003 16:34


When you go to the second link skip over the first five articles on that page. This is because those links are dead. The rest of the links work, however.

Here is the full anti-corporate college course curriculum 16.Dec.2003 16:38


Here is one of my favorite webpages- an online college course on how corporate greed leads to destroying the environment. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Fucking Michigan Motorheads 16.Dec.2003 21:17


A perfect example is your neighbors to the east, General Motors and Ford, which have declared war on the earth, the environment and international political security with its no-holds barred relentless Hummer and SUVs sales campaigns.