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Ron Paul, anti-Patrtiot Act Rep (TX-R), wants Bush reelected

The "principled plain-speaking" Congressman Ron Paul, who has been perhaps the biggest opponent to the Patriot Act has just been a proud member of Bush-Cheney 2004 re-electoin team.
"We have already made mistakes. Why make more? Why go over there and bomb Iraq under the name of fighting 9/11 in order to get another millionaire furious at us?"

"If we don't make the proper assessment-the real reason why they come after us versus the story that they give us that [terrorists] hate us because we are free and prosperous-we don't have much chance of winning this war, this fight against terrorism. As long as everybody believes that, I am very pessimistic that we will get to a reasonable foreign policy...."

I think the only thing we can do is reveal the truth. Politicians aren't very good at doing that, they are demagogues. So I really haven't gotten into the right profession to deliver truth. As long as we believe that we are being subjected to terrorist attacks because we are good and honest and free and prosperous nothing much will come of our foreign policy.

--Congressman Ron Paul, Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

"5 heroic Republicans went on the record as opposing their leaders' folly. Those sneering Europeans who think Texas is synonymous with Bushian warmongering should know that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), one of the Fearless Five, is the single most consistent antiwar voice in the House."

"I've had a few letters from readers who would dearly like Congressman Ron Paul to run, as he did in 1988. Now that's the kind of doctor we need to run for President: not the politically ambidextrous Dr. Dean, but the principled plain-speaking Dr. Paul. If only he would do iit..."

-- Justin Raimondo, Chief editor of Antiwar.com

Bush-Cheney '04 Announces Texas Campaign Leadership

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Bush-Cheney '04 today announced its campaign leadership team for the state of Texas. The Bush-Cheney '04 Texas Leadership Team will help build a network of grassroots support and serve as messengers for the President's re-election campaign.

"Our leadership team in Texas is made up of a diverse group of men and women with a great understanding of both President Bush's compassionate conservative agenda and common sense policies that have a positive impact on the people of Texas. They will play a key role in President Bush's re- election efforts in the state and across the country," said Marc Racicot, Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Chair.

Governor Rick Perry will serve as Chair of the Bush-Cheney '04 Texas Leadership Team. United States Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn will serve as Co-Chairmen.

"Texans share the President's priorities, support his initiatives, and respect the goals he has set for our great nation," said Governor Rick Perry.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison stated, "From providing better health care options for our seniors to improving the quality of education for our children, President Bush has transformed challenges into opportunities."

"The President has demonstrated both courage and decisive leadership in defending our nation from threats to our freedom and security," said Senator John Cornyn.

United States Representatives Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Joe Barton, Lamar Smith, RON PAUL, Sam Johnson, Henry Bonilla, William "Mac" Thornberry, Kevin Brady, Kay Granger, Pete Sessions, John Culberson, Michael Burgess, John Carter, Jeb Hensarling, and Randy Neugebauer will serve as Honorary Co- Chairmen of the Bush-Cheney '04 Texas Leadership Team.

Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst, Attorney General Abbott, Comptroller Strayhorn, Agriculture Commissioner Combs, Land Commissioner Patterson, Railroad Commission Chairman Carrillo, Railroad Commissioners Matthews and Williams, and Speaker Craddick will also serve as Honorary Co-Chairmen.

"Texas will play a key role in this election. We are honored to have such a seasoned group of leaders at the helm of the Bush-Cheney '04 team in Texas. THEIR EFFORTS WILL BE CRUCIAL TO OUR SUCCESS," Racicot added.

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Libertarians are eating crow 17.Dec.2003 13:26


All these libertarian lugnuts wet their pants at the mere mention of Ron Paul.

Well guess what?

When push comes to shove, Libertarians are really just Republicans who talk about Liberty but vote Authority....

"Our best living example of a libertarian hero is Congressman Ron Paul of the 14th Congressional District of Texas. Congressman Paul once ran for president on the LP ticket and is definitely one of the voices in the wilderness when it comes to advancing the cause of liberty."
-- TheAdvocates.org

"In a Washington dominated by unctuous Machiavellians who build their lives upon Faustian bargains and ruthless careerism, Ron Paul stands like a majestic oak of clarity and sanity in defense of the American ideal. His watchword is "steadfast adherence to principle." Compromise if need be on the means of implementation. But never on the principle itself. Never on the Constitution. Never on the rights of man."
-- FinancialSense.com

Ron Paul has a maverick record in Congress -- he is often the one lone dissenter in the House on issues like foreign policy, taxes and budget spending -- and appeals widely to libertarians across the country who feel they have a vested interest in keeping him in Washington.
-- Fox NEWS