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Looking for info on Iraqi "rape rooms"

What exactly is a "rape room"?
My intention here is not to be morbid or insensitive given that rape is a universal taboo... However, I've been hearing on the news about "Iraqi rape rooms" (i.e. "thank god we have have freed the iraqi people from Saddam's rape rooms...") I keep wondering, what exactly is a rape room? When I think of "torture chamber" I picture a dank cinderblock room with a heavy chair with straps and a table with nasty devices and implements. When it comes to "rape room", I'm drawing a blank. How is it different than any other room that a rape occurs in? The name implies that it's used expressedly for that purpose and that it probably occurs frequently. I did a google search on the words and only came up with either Bush quotes or pundits quoting Bush. I went to amnesty international and a search on their webpage didn't turn up anything. Does anyone know what the original source documentation is for this claim? Is there any? Are there different key words I should be looking for? I'm really curious despite my shame in asking.

This "rape room" business may be PROPAGANDA 16.Dec.2003 15:21


Regarding your inquiry as to what are "rape rooms", its my suspecion that this is a contrived term being used by the PTB
(Powers That Be) and their lackey mainstream media as a new "buzz word" to further indoctrinate the hapless American
sheepeople as to the "badness" of Saddam Hussein (and company) and by implications, highlight the "goodness" of our
Georgie Bush (and company). It's rather basic tactic from any PROPAGANDA 101 textbook.

Everyone is aware of the power of "association" and the linkage of various words has tremendious power, especially if
those who coin them are seeking to sway people's--on mass level--thinking, imaginations, and opinions. In this case,
the word "rape" is obvious, for not only is it a illegal sexual act, but at it's root it is all about POWER, the power of the perp
to commit the act and then seek to get away with it unpunished. The word "room" denotes, as we all know, a special or
set aside place; with implication being that the act of rape, or projection of power, is primarily taking place in a specific

As with all propaganda, there is usually multiply levels as to meaning. To the masses, the intented meaning is that the
"good" Americans have shut down the "bad" Saddam/Iraqi's from raping the people of Iraq, and in doing so, have stopped
the projection of power that that group may have once had. On another level, to those in the so-called "elitist" know, the
term may just as easily mean that yes indeed, we've (meaning the "good" Americans) stopped the rape (projecting of
power) by Saddam in the room (country of Iraq) and we (once again, the "good" Americans) can proceed with exercising
that power--once held by Saddam--and do as is seem fit...even so far as actually "raping Iraq" the American Way!

Make sense? Consider that the actor's in this drama are essentially the same as 12-13 years ago in the run-up to Gulf
War I, and recall the awesome power of word linkage in the swaying of public opinion in George Bush, Sr.'s useage of
the "buzz words" he tossed all about. Also, recall the story (actually it was an outright LIE) that was foisted on the Ameri-
can people by the marketing consultants for the government/militray/Bush administration (Hill & Knowlton of Manhatten,
NY with offices in Houston, TX...old time hands at marketing oil, gas, and related petrochem products) in which they had
the young daughter (then unbeknownst to the media/public) of the Kuwaiti ambassador to give riveting testimony to a
Congressional committee debating the build-up to war, which was televisted live and endlessly repeated over the main-
stream media news outlets (about as frequently as the same characters repeatedly showed the scene of Saddam in a
ill-fitting hat with blue suit on shooting a shotgun in the air from a stage podium just prior to Gulf War II run-up) in which
this young gal poured out her tears and told a horrible tale of Iraqi soldier's coming into the hospital in Kuwait City and
wantonly killing patients, and worst of all, taking helpless premature infants from their incubators and dashing their tiny
heads against the wall. Anybody who can remember that testimony when first heard, will attest to how riveting it was!

However, as said before, it was a total lie, as the fact of actually who this girl was was withheld, and so people assumed
it all to be true. This little ditty of a masterful piece of propaganda slinging had more reason to melt serious opposition to
the war than anything. Many people, even to this day, still believe beyond all doubts that what this girl told was true...even
in spite of the fact that the truth was revealed afterwards and much media coverage was had to that fact. People were a
bit loathed to admit they'd been had by Bush, Sr., and so, they found it easier to keep up the walls of denial and keep on
believing the lie!

The "mastermind" behind this sorry episode was alledged to be Ms. Tora Clark, then a Senior Marketing Executive for Hill
& Knowlton, and who later rose through the ranks to be picked by Bush, Jr. to be Rumsfield's Deputy (or maybe it was the
Assistant) Secretary for Defense, for Public Relations and was the perky gal giving daily press conferences from Pentagon
during last Gulf War this year. She was, if you'll recall, quite an accomplished "spinmeister" who seemingly rolled lies off
her tongue with greatest of ease. Pay her her due...she is a damned good liar...with straight face (maybe she'll have a good
career awaiting her in POLITICS once she has her respite?)

Why I tell all this? It's "same-same" with this business of "rape rooms"...different word linkage, but same affect.

of course its propaganda 16.Dec.2003 15:55

anon -reply

Sure, I realize it's a propaganda tool. Who wouldn't be against rape? Who wouldn't be for "freedom", "liberty" as who wouldn't be against "evildoers","oppression" and so on? And I realize that the US has supported, without batting an eyelid, plenty of dictators that engage in institutional rape in Central and Latin America. I was just having trouble visualizing a rape room. Could someone claim a frat house is a "rape factory" (this language being more sinister than "room" because it not only implies something systematic, but unemotional automation as well). All in all, though, your analysis is pretty articulate and probably on the money.

Regard gulf war 1, even farther back I vaguely remember the story of Evangelina Cisneros (keywords: Cuba, "yellow journalism"). In the early 1900's the media staged the rescue of a photogenic freedom fighter "damsel in distress" in Cuba to win public support for a fake war (can anyone say Jessica Lynch?). Apparently there were harrowing tales of her mistreatment in jail and the US needed to come to the resuce on her (and the rest of Cuba's) behalf.

If you on your quest to find out about rape rooms, 16.Dec.2003 16:05


You find out something about spider holes, let me know.

more on cisneros 16.Dec.2003 16:13

anon -reply

Wow, it's total Jessica Lynch... Makes you wonder if there are others. I would almost bet that some sociology student has written a PhD on gender and war propaganda.

from  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/kane2/kane2ts.html

"NARRATOR: [Media Mogul] Hearst could shape a story so it satisfied like the nickel theater he loved as a boy. Evangelina Cisneros, a rebel girl, a pretty seventeen-year-old, was clapped into a Spanish jail. Hearst heard about it in his New York office and laughed aloud. ''We've got Spain now.'' The truth was Evangelina Cisneros tried to lure a Spanish commander into bed and then kill him, but Hearst didn't want that story. Evangelina was ''the flower of Cuba.'' She must be saved.
DAVID NASAW: It was a wonderful story. Here's a story of--of embattled innocence, of a woman whose virtue is in danger because she tries to save her father, get her father out of jail. Most of it was made up.
NARRATOR: Evangelina ornamented Hearst's front page for months--great for sales. A Hearst reporter could have bribed her out of jail--in fact, the bribe was paid--but that wasn't good enough. Mr. Hearst preferred to rent the house next door so a ladder could be slid across to the jail where iron bars must be hack-sawed. Evangelina's cellmates must be drugged and Evangelina spirited away in a carriage. Why so many twists and turns? Mr. Hearst was at the theater three times a week, and he knew every melodrama had at least three close calls. When the U.S. finally invaded [Cuba], Hearst went to forty-three special editions. The Journal was selling a million papers a day--more than Pulitzer--but that wasn't enough for Hearst. He wanted more, much more."

What a good point 16.Dec.2003 19:46


This is a momentous occasion! Thank you Anon, for being so observant

It's not often we get to witness the birth of a newly coined term. It will be interesting to keep watch on the media, Google once in a while to see how the term proliferates. It will probably become part of the legend of Saddam as told by mr. bush. That along with tubes and yellowcake etc.....

Division Quest 16.Dec.2003 23:04


The weapons of mass destruction will be found in the rape rooms--who knew!

Word Games 17.Dec.2003 02:05


Merlin put it beautifully,. rape is to Saddam/as room is to Iraq and now as USA is to IRAQ.This is some deep stuff we're into here. going back to th Spanish Am. war.

I had not heard the term rape room until like last June or May. It was apparently another thing the advancing or at that point victorious armies had "uncovered" and which could be sold to justify the fake war in the first place. I had heard of the "red room" where prisoners were just placed in a red room, I don't know if it was bright red or what, but they were just put in there and that was supposed to be torture. This I heard about years ago, probably from Iraqi exiles who escaped. It's very easy to go from "red room" to "rape room" as far as sound association goes.

Another point--one imagines there weren't many female prisoners in Iraq, and if there were a few, it is doubtful that a whole penal system would be developed just so they could be raped. So were the rape rooms for men? That seems highly doubtful. I don't think there even were rape rooms.

Here are your "rape rooms" 17.Dec.2003 11:44

Peace Now

Here are your rape rooms:

Military police are questioning a British soldier about photographs of alleged "torture" of Iraqi prisoners of war, including one gagged and bound, and dangling in netting from a fork-lift truck.

Other photos allegedly show soldiers commiting sex acts in front of captured Iraqis.


A photography shop assistant has described her horror at photos that allegedly showed Iraqi prisoners of war being mistreated.

Kelly Tilford, 22, raised the alarm after developing the film in the shop where she works in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

She said: "I felt sick when I looked at the pictures. They were grim. I just felt awful."


The original Sun article included a more indepth interview with the clerk who was certain the people in these pictures were being abused. One such picture showed a white naked body behind a prisoner's body with pants down handcuffed, depicting what looks like rape. She was horrified by the looks of complete terror on the faces of these prisoners. These important facts become "supposed" in later artciles. If anyone has archived the original Sun article please post.

Amnesty International confirms Saddam regime raped, tortured 18.Dec.2003 14:15


"Torture and ill-treatment is systematic and widespread in Iraq, despite its
prohibition under the Iraqi Constitution and under the International Covenant
on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Anti-government political suspects are
especially at risk, and are routinely tortured or ill-treated in custody.
Torture is used as a punishment or to extract information, and victims have no
access to lawyers and relatives.

The methods of torture that have been reported include beating detainees while
they are suspended by the limbs, applying electric shocks to various parts of
the body, falaqa (beating on the soles of the feet), extinguishing cigarettes
on the body, extracting finger and toenails, gouging out the ears, and rape.
Psychological torture include mock executions, forcing the detainee to watch
others being tortured and solitary confinement."