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What if he's a look-a-like?

Didn't Saddam Hussein supposedly have all sorts of imposters for his own protection? Maybe they've just sacrifice the best-looking most loyal one.
What is that your business? 16.Dec.2003 12:39


Won't make a difference. The US executes innocent people all the time. The Americans think they have their man, ny way you cut they do.

There is no Saddam. 16.Dec.2003 12:46

higher being

How do we know there was a real Saddam to begin with? They've been faking it all from the beginning, but what they didn't count on was our superior intellect. We can see right through their lies and disguises. Too bad most people are less intelligent than us, but that's what makes us fit to rule, and not these sub-human Bushites.

Holy Shit 16.Dec.2003 19:21


Horror, oh horror. I think I may have uncovered Bush's plan. After months and months of searching US forces have finally capture the man who had nothing to do with 911. This is it they plan to capture everyone else until it's just them and Osama Bin Forgotten. How perfect, a war without end... oh wait we have that already.

Saddam, like Noreiga, is a tool of American Capital 17.Dec.2003 11:50


"I listened to a Jordanian businessman who has worked in Iraq for years share his theory about why Saddam allowed himself to be captured alive. He feels Saddam didn't kill himself because he is ready to cut a deal with the US. They will ask Saddam where the WMD's are, and Saddam will tell them there are none. They will tell him they will put some in Iraq, and Saddam will lead the Americans to them, in exchange for allowing Saddam to be tried in the high court, rather than that which has been appointed (IGC) by the Americans in Iraq."