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One reason to vote for George

and a thousand to vote against him
One Thousand Reasons
Relentlessly Documenting the Failures of the Bush Administration

George Bush Gets One Right, Sort Of

Well, the evil one is getting his teeth checked, his head checked (for lice), and we hope he gets a shave and a haircut before being paraded in front of the cameras again. He really looks pitiful, all old and weary, hardly the sort of man who killed tens of thousands of his enemies at home. He has been caught by George Bush -- well, sort of -- and we suspect Saddam now wishes he had been the victim of "shock and awe" as were so many of his unfortunate subjects.

Saddam Hussein deserves punishment, and it will never be enough; he has been too brutal for that. So we should not focus on punishment, but should instead move forward with the rebuilding of Iraq and the implementation of a form of government of their choosing. The future may not look particularly bright for the Iraqis at this moment, even with Saddam collared, but the terror of his dictatorship is over and they must see a glimmer of hope.

George Bush has accomplished a good thing getting rid of Saddam. We don't say this lightly, given that our political goal in life is to see Bush defeated, but it is true. George Bush has brightened one corner of the world by capturing Saddam Hussein. To be fair, today we will begin a new list, just like the old one, which now has in excess of 1,100 reasons to vote against Bush, only the new one will list the reasons to vote for him. As of today, the count is one.

When voters are given the chance to express their will in 2004, we hope they will weigh these lists carefully. On the old list -- which today seems almost quaint, certainly inadequate when compared to that image of the old man with a long beard and long hair and at least the suspicion of lice -- they will find the lies and deceptions, the arrogance and bullying, the continuous but stealthy transfer of wealth to the most fortunate, the evidence of dirty air and water, the bellicosity, the disdain for human life. On that old list they will find reason after reason, many of them related to the war against Iraq, documenting Bush's lies about "weapons of mass destruction," his breaking of international law by attacking a country that was not a threat, and his failure to form a real coalition of support or to plan for the occupation. Oh, that other list is a long one, some 170 pages now, and on the other, this new list, they will find the picture of an old man with lice.

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