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Nuttin for x-mass mp3 clowns sing about sweatshop horror

linkage to a song I bet you would dig
First go to www.altslashgo.com/brewzerkus/
Then click on Pepto Dizmal
Thendownload mp3 nuttin for x-mass
Then e-mail me at  dawgsnax@fastmail.fm and tell me it's working
Then don't buy anything for chrismas (unless it's weed)
Then come see us live (It's in the calender under Dec.17)
Hope ya like it!
Buy Buy!
D the C

homepage: homepage: http://http:www.altslashgo.com/brewzerkus/

oops 16.Dec.2003 12:09

D the C

I screwed up on the link to our site and put the Http stuff on twice.
just go with www.altslashgo.com/brewzerkus/