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The Osama Factor

Does the Bush team now have an effective model for capturing Osama, after the stunning, heroic capture of Saddam?
With Saddam's capture, many across the world are asking, "What about Osama?" Is he next? Can we turn our attention to him now? After all, there is likely not a statute of limitations on the September 11 attacks. Ten years from now he will still be guilty of planning, funding, and inspiring his men to do the things they do. Whenever Bush speaks before a crowd of more than 3 or 4 people, he brings up the terror phantom, and he squeezes whatever blood is left out of the horror of 9/11 to justify his agenda.

But with Iraq conquered and Saddam arrested, the US is back at the beginning. We "brought the fight to the terrorists," which means we turned the country of Iraq into one giant training camp for terrorists. Paul Bremer disbanded the Iraqi Army, which turned trained soldiers into amateur suicide bombers overnight. Even the newly trained Iraqi police force is experiencing many desertions, that is when they're not busy being blown up by a suicide bomber. We brought the terrorists to Iraq is the more correct thing to say.

It was reported in mainstream press that officials of the Taliban and al-Quaeda met recently. The Taliban was trying to convince Osama not to shift so many of his forces to Iraq. But Osama is a hard man to convince, and to him Iraq must look like one giant pot o' gold. That is a good indicator of how well Osama is insulated in his mountain hideout, and how little he really has to worry about.

But wait, maybe now with the capture of Saddam the Pentagon has a good model for going after Osama. It turns out Saddam was not so frightening and dangerous after all. He was just an old man in a hole. Well, here's how the plan would work. In order to reduce Saddam to where he was, the US had to undermine everything he owned and had control over in Iraq, which was alot. We had to bomb government buildings night and day, bomb the presidential palaces just for the shock effect, use the bunker busters whenever there was a tip that Saddam was at a certain place, underground of course. We had to bomb the convoys of hapless Iraqi military men as they marched out to face the enemy. We had to bomb alot of things. With each bomb Saddam lost a little more of what he once had, but also alot of civilians lost everything they had, such as their lives. After only a few weeks Saddam didn't have much left, except dreams of once again rising to power and glory, but it was not meant to be.

Using that model, we can now go after Osama. Here's what we do: night and day we bomb his satellite radio. We bomb that thing until it doesn't even look like a satellite radio anymore, then we bomb it some more. The next day, we bomb his satellite radio some more, and maybe take out some of the men who are guarding him. Now here's the good part--we send 50,000 troops into his cave. Not 150,000, that would be too many. With that kind of ground (cave) coverage, we're bound to get him. DEAD OR ALIVE.