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Anti-HLS Electronic Civil Disobedience starts TODAY!

With Russian activists taking down HLS's webpage for weeks and flooding Huntingdon inboxes with emails, electronic actions have really heated up in the past month. No better time for everyone's favorite e-action: the HLS ECD!
The real terrorists have blood on their hands.
The real terrorists have blood on their hands.
Last time HLS customer/bastard Daiichi got slammed with thousands of emails. Hundreds of activists from across the world logged onto a chatroom where in each and every word they typed generated an email to a Diachii employee. What fun! Tomorrow (and the whole week this time) should be just as exciting! Don't miss out.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER - this is Electronic Civil Disobedience, meaning you are publicly and proudly disrupting the targeted company's internet communications medium. Unless you use a public computer that cannot be traced to you do not be surprised if your ISP gets a complaint about your actions.

That being said - kick some ass!

Visit:  http://www.shacamerica.net/ecd.htm all this week to participate.

Check  http://www.shacamerica.net daily for updates on the campaign to CLOSE HLS!
Huntingdon Life Sciences and pharmaceutical industry 16.Dec.2003 15:03

chemicals injected into human and animal prisoners

Huntingdon Life Sciences and the pharmaceutical industry are financial supporters of one another, similar to the petrochemical, oil export (Halliurton, Betchel) and other petroleum derivative industries (DuPont, Bayer, etc). Since pharmaceutical products are also used in human experimentation on United States prison populations (psychiatric medications tested on prisoners before general public), their testing on animals is also involuntary. It repesents the pharmaceutical corporations profiting from conditions that deprive oth humans and animals of basic rights to control what is put in their bodies..

The conditions the phamaceutical industry is attempting to cure with their invasive tests are often byproducts of the process used to manufacture the petrohemical products in the first place. Carcinogens like dioxin from petrochemical plastics are released in the surrounding area and begin the process of cancerous growth in the human or animal body. Plants exposed are often wilted and soon die. The chemotherapy products peddled by pharmaceutical industry cause cell death that is supposed to cure the person of their cancer. They claim the latest well paid scientific research as proof, but maye the person with cancer just started eating healthier and lived longer. This cannot be attributed to the success of the phamaceutical product, but pharmaceutical industry research makes this false claim..

Eating healthier couldn't really have anything to do with it?

Why are fast food corporations liek McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys and Arbys frequently located in lower income and/or minority neighborhoods? When a resident of Brooklyn NYC sued the above fast food corporations for health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure, he was told by judge he shouldn't have eaten fast food (blame the victim). The ignorance of the judge in this case is his refusal to understand the class/race/income issue that leads to working/low-income people being limited to affordable fast food because healthy food is more expensive. Class and race matters, the fast food corporations target low income people and contribute to health problems like diabetes and heart disease..

In steps Huntingdon Life Sciences and their pharmaceutical industry partners with their claimed "cure" of these unneccesary health problems. If people didn't have oil refineries and petrochemical corporations emitting carcingens in their neighborhoods (also low income--see "environmental racism", common in United States) and the combintion of these toxins in their lungs/bodies, people wouldn't get sick as often. Expensive medical treaments are unavailable to lower income people, the ones who need it most..

At this stage the animal tesing industry again claims that if they could only test more animals, they could then provide "cures" at lower prices, finally healing the people made sick by envionmental racism. This false claim ignores the reality of their ineffectiveness at diagnosing the source of he cancer/diabetes. The source is always multifactorial, several different toxins combining to eventually cause enough mutations that become cancer. The chemotherapy that supposedly targets cancer cells often cannot avoid killing other beneficial body cells. Similar to antibiotics killing beneficial microbes in addition to the targeted microbes making the person sick. The pharmaceutical industry profits from attemping to cure the sickness that the petrochemical industry caused. What they attribute as success is a petrochemically coated distortion of data..

Please share any of the above statements with anyone you choose. The above info is intended to help us understand why we are living in such unhealthy ways. Animal and human prisoner testing are the cruel manifestations of an oppressive system that is causing much pain and suffering on Earth. Hopefully the info above can help us change and restore balance and end oppression of animals, humans and plants by corporate industry..

Questions 17.Dec.2003 19:08

stupid ol me

How do chat rooms work, can you change channels in it? How would that work? Why am I alone whenever i try to go to one?