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Reality Leaks Out

I love it when reality leaks out, whether it's deliberate or a well timed accident.
Bush on CNN, minutes after the news about Saddam was broken.
Bush on CNN, minutes after the news about Saddam was broken.
The universe is laughing behind our backs.
One possible reason the Shrubster doesn't appear too happy may be the realization that for the capture to have been useful to him it would have to happen some time next year, say around September or October.
Unless he's planning on having Bin Laden (remember him?) pulled out of a hat by then.

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No one told him 16.Dec.2003 08:10


He does look happy yet because no one told him to look happy. Or could it be he just found out that murdering thugs, like himself don't always get away even if they have bucks. Look at him it is a little hotter under that collar.

Accountability sucks 16.Dec.2003 11:07


Especially since the things we keep saying we want to put him on trial for where aided and abetted by Bush's daddy and the pasty-faced cowboy he supposedly worked for. It'd suck for them to be on trial in the Hague.

I read on another web site 16.Dec.2003 11:15


The Army was in negotions with insurgents because they had captured Saddam and were trying to get the 25 Million dollar reward. The army went ahead and grabbed him without paying the cash. The source of the information was apperantly a reliable one.

Supposedly Bush needed to distract the general public from the Haliburton mess, and from the other issues that have come up recently.

reader 16.Dec.2003 11:39

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If this true is it will teach the insurgents to never, ever trust the US. And motivate them a little more I think. The timing of this thing is typical of Bread and Circus ruling, for the home crowd. Still nothing speaks louder than an empty stomachs in both locals.

You mean other issues like this! 16.Dec.2003 11:40

Bird Dog

Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
British Intelligence Leaker Facing Prison Time For Exposing U.S.-UN Surveillance Scandal

Former British intelligence employee Katharine Gun is facing up to two years in prison for violating the Official Secrets Act when she disclosed a top-secret NSA memo in March outlining a U.S. surveillance operation directed at UN Security Council members ahead of the vote on Iraq.
In the build-up to the invasion of Iraq, the British newspaper The Observer exposed a highly secret and aggressive surveillance operation directed at United Nations Security Council members by the U.S. ahead of the vote on Iraq.
The Observer obtained a top-secret NSA memorandum that outlined a surveillance operation involves intercepting home and office telephone calls and emails of UN delegates focusing "the whole gamut of information that could give U.S. policymakers an edge in obtaining results favorable to U.S. goals or to head off surprises."

The target of the surveillance were the so-called 'Middle Six' delegations, including Angola, Cameroon, Chile, Mexico, Guinea and Pakistan, who could swing a Security Council vote on Iraq.

In a story that has received almost no media coverage in the U.S., the former British intelligence employee who leaked the memo, Katharine Gun, is now facing up to two years in prison for violating the Official Secrets Act.

We speak with Norman Solomon of the Institute for Public Accuracy about the case of Katharine Gun. His article "For Telling the Truth" published in the Baltimore Sun is one of the few U.S. accounts of the story.

Norman Solomon, executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy in San Francisco. He is co-author of Target Iraq: What the News Media Didn't Tell You (Context Books, 2003).
Tony Benn, Former British Labor minister. He joins us on the phone from London.
To purchase an audio or video copy of this entire program, click here for our new online ordering or call 1 (800) 881-2359.


Headlines for December 16, 2003

Who Will Judge Saddam? Former British MP Tony Benn Discusses the Prosecution of Iraq's Former Leader

British Intelligence Leaker Facing Prison Time For Exposing U.S.-UN Surveillance Scandal

Former Jordanian Ambassador Discusses Saddam's Capture, WMDs and the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

Wesley Clark Testifies Against Milosevic in War Crimes Trial That Could Serve As Model For Saddam's Prosecution

Is this something they don't want us to think about.

link to Campaign Money Watch.
 link to

OPPS! Here is the correct link for money watch. 16.Dec.2003 11:49

Bird Dog