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Am I the Only One Who Noticed This ABout Saddam?

Did we or did we not use bombs to locate and get Saddam?
Good point 16.Dec.2003 07:00

keys of freedom

In the beginning of the "war" the US flatened the building they though he was in, hardly the way to capture him. If the wanted to just kill him we know how well they can kill people both in and out of the US. Another thing the way they are jumping up and down like little girls seems like they did not have much confidence in their forces of capturing him.

his daughter says he was tranquilized 16.Dec.2003 07:44


free speech radio news reported she said her father is proud and firm and would have been so even after capture

Bombs used to locate?? 16.Dec.2003 12:08


Maybe they might have herded Saddam to an extent, but I don't think the missiles are quite "smart" enough yet to find anyone and then report back. In any case, it sure is a good thing they got ol' Saddam - he obviously was a very competent military leader.


Did anybody else notice all the commie flags that were being waved by the "pro-US Iraqis"? What is that all about? Apparenly Saddam Suppressed the Communist party there, but now it seems like communism might make some sort of resurgence there. That would be funny. I suppose they would be one of the factions in the imminent Iraqi civil war - a war which will probably see all sides armed by US war profiteers. It's not as if all Iraqis like each other (to say the least) and the Kurds in the north (now supported by the US) are Islamic fundamentalists! America is probably propping up another Osama as we speak. Tax dollars at work, don't ya know. We are gonna get that oil though - and before it's all gone we'll have made the climate inhopspitable to most forms of life on Earth! Hoo-rah! BTW, thanks to all you folks who marched in the streets against the war - it obviously did a lot of good. Aren't you proud of your ineffectiveness? Puerile politics will help the system crash as much as anything else I guess.

Coalition troops capture Saddam? 16.Dec.2003 12:37


I heard it mentioned (possibly here) that coalition troops weren't the ones who captured Saddam. That it was some other local faction. That would explain a lot as I'm fairly certain the intent of the Bush administration would have been simply to kill Saddam and avoid him spilling his guts (so to speak) in some international justice mess.

Does anyone have a link or credible verification of this? Has anyone else heard this?

Obviously, anyone who has been paying attention knows that the initial reports (propaganda) are rarely accurate and are prone to embellishment (Jessica Lynch "rescue," statue toppling). So, it would be crucial to know whether U.S. forces apprehended him alive or were handed him alive.

Big difference.

funny thing i noticed was... 16.Dec.2003 12:46

just in time for christmas

when they first showed him, he looked like a down-and-out santa claus. we don't want to look like we're picking on santa claus so close to christmas, with all the kiddies glued to the tv. saddam got a shave and haircut REAL quick.

Let the Inquisition Begin! 16.Dec.2003 12:59

Saddam It All

I tried posting this four times last night over a three hour period with no success. Maybe I'll be luckier here. For the record, I think Saddam was sedated during or after capture, too.

Physical and psychological torture are apparently OK if we do it.

By Dana Priest & Walter Pincus
LA Times - Washington Post Service

WASHINGTON - Saddam Hussein is likely to spend months, if not years, in isolation and under interrogation by U.S. military and CIA officials, government sources said Sunday.

U.S. Intelligence officials have learned through the interrogations of top al-Qaida terrorists, in particular, to expect months to pass before they can begin breaking down Saddam through psychological and physical stress, U.S. intelligence officials and experts said.

"There will be a lot of exploratory conversations with him. I would not expect this to happen quickly," said Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla., Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and one of a handful of members who have been briefed on Saddam's capture. "He has a long history of denial and deception."

Saddam's questioning is being conducted by CIA and military interrogators trained on a wide array of tactics - from feigned charm to intimidation. They have, as Goss puts it, "several yellow pages of questions" to put to the former Iraqi leader.

They are focusing on his knowledge of any specific operations planned against U.S. troops or civilians in Iraq and on his knowledge of how the resistance is organized and supplied.

Interrogators want to quickly figure out "whether he is the evil mastermind who knows every twist and turn of the resistance or is he just in touch with a small number of people and doesn't have much actionable intelligence," said Daniel Byman, a Middle East analyst at Georgetown University.

Next on the list are questions about terrorist operations and networks operating outside Iraq and information about weapons of mass destruction, officials said.

Although described as talkative by U.S. military commanders, Saddam was also defiant and unrepentant, said members of the Iraqi Governing Council, leading authorities to think that one of the world's wiliest survivors has a plan for even this stage of his existence.

To deal with the lack of coooperation, some officials involved in supervising his captivity expect to ooperate under the same guidance, approved by the White House counsel's office, used in the interrogation of key al-Qaida figures such as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Abu Zubaydah and Ramzi Binalshibh.

The guidelines allow handlers to subject captives to limited pain and discomfort.

In some cases, they have deprived captives of sleep, restroom facilities and comfortable seating positions. In at least one case, they have denied pain medication.

Those guidelines are likely to be tightened up, said one senior white House official, to come in strict accordance with the Geneva Conventions, because Saddam was a head of state and the top military commander of a country, not a terrorist organization.


I found it appalling to see our local evening news matter-of-factly reporting (with visual images) that Saddam WOULD be deprived of sleep, restroom facilities, and comfortable seating (as well as possible pain medication) for an extended period of time as though there were absolutely nothing wrong in treating the head of a foreign government (dictator or not) in this way without a trial.

Dear whomever, chuck or is it crw. 16.Dec.2003 14:57

Bird Dog

IN your comment you stated:
Aren't you proud of your ineffectiveness in reference to protesting the war?

I ask you are you not proud of your ignorance.
Or is that gray matter between your ears just troll pudding.

First lets research the term communism.
Gee' Here it is in the dictionary.
And look at what it says.

A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.

That means that all people would matter in the world.
Not just the rich.

A scheme of equalizing the social conditions of life; specifically, a scheme which contemplates the abolition of inequalities in the possession of property, as by distributing all wealth equally to all, or by holding all wealth in common for the equal use and advantage of all.

Here it is again.
All people.
It states that all people matter in the world and not just the wealthy.
Is that not what your bible says, or do you read.
In other words a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Not for the corporations at the cost of the people.

Just think what would happen if this was how it actualy was.
No more wars.
No more discrimination.
No more hate of people of color.
Bottom line is no more corporate control of the world.
But you would not want that.
Would you.
You would no longer be able to manipulate people.
In other words:
No more slaves of any color, anywhere.

Scary, don't you think?

Bird Dog 16.Dec.2003 18:52


Bird dog once again you prove the moral superiority of the left. While all CRW or troll Inc. can do is disgrace himself, and reveal the right for the death lovers they all are. Watch them buy from and sell to China Red flag and all. They like war because it is an act of ignorance and they feel comfortable there.

You are a kind and generous person to try and teach them anything, it's like teaching Happy the Clown trigonometry.

Oh gawd, how did this turn into a defense of Marxism? 17.Dec.2003 15:20


Communism as it practically manifests is a materialistic dictatorship. A dictatorship of the proletariat which is led by power-hungry authoritarian bureaucrats.

Secondly, I was not in favor of the new war in Iraq which will undoubtedly stir up more Islamic fundamentalism. I was simply pointing out the innefectiveness of the war protests which did very little in stopping said war.

As for jlii... You are obviously a foolish dottard trying to sniff Bird Dogs hind end. And, for all your moral superiority, you seem to resort to petty name calling as fast as the rest of us. Shove off.

Whomever, crw,chuky cheese, whatever 19.Dec.2003 14:12

Bird Dog

You are on a sinking ship and know not what to do.
I am sorry for you, truly I am.
But you are loosing the battle and you can not stop it.
For truth will always correct the poison that you spew.
It may stink for a while, but like a greasy fart in the wind it will pass and the air will be clean again.

PS: jIii