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he.net, lop.com, network solutions and this ip "" and spy ware!

What this you might ask? Well I'll give you an eye opener you won't forget. It deals with spy ware, where it comes from, who is gathering the intel from this spy ware and the ip address where the intel goes from your personal computer you paid hard earned money for. It's about how you get this spy ware are where it might have came from and what you might run into in calling he.net as they are the only ones you can talk to.........
I know what your thinking, what does this have to with me. Well, I'll tell you. It has everything to do with you if you are an internet user. Consider this, everytime you go online you are subject to viruses and spy ware. Viruses are one thing and spy ware is something else altogether. It turns you personal computer into a slave server and you have no control on this computer you might have paid hard earned money for. Lets start with he.net that seems be be the front for lop.com. Why you might ask am I starting with them. I recently did a search to find out who owns this ip address. Well come to find out that he.net registered this ip with them. He.net states that the owner of this ip address is their client. Now are you starting to get the picture. I'll move on to the more important information about what lead me to search out this ip address. I had noticed this ip showing up on logs (fireewall) and decided to trace out who owns this ip address. After gathering the needed info I made acall to he.net which offices are in Fremount, California and most importantly their phone number. So I called to ask who might own the stated ip address since it is registered through them. It was during this first phone call that this ip addresss is llinked to spy ware. They related that I had picked it up from crusing the net. So I sent them an e-mail asking for claification about this spy ware being picked up sites I might have visited. Now the story startes to change from where I might have got this spy ware. They now state I had agreed to have this spy ware installed on my computer. And they wanted a plain text log file from my firewall. I sent them my plain text file and their story changes again. They stated that if I wanted this spyware removed from my computer I'd have to contact lop.com and ask them how to remove this spy ware they themselves own. As for what information might have left my computer was sent to this IP address : "" From what I gathered about this IP address is this, it is the receiving ip for all this illegal activity. And to make matters worse, these two are also registered through network solutions who I might add is behind pinging your computer for your own dns number to get your ip address. For what you might think? I'll give you a clue, spam laced with hidden files just waiting for you to open from your e-mail application to launch the installer of this spy ware. You don't know what really goes on, on the internet until you learn how use your firewall application and a few other things to help keep out intruders. Now for the rest of the story, how you get rid of this spy ware software someone else installed on your computer. Lets get bak to he.net and what they stated as to how I'd un install this spy ware. They gave me e-mail address for this lop.com, which is "Support@lop.com" I used that address a long with other addresses with both state and federal agencies to drive my point home with these internet creeps who secretly set out to install their spy ware software on those whom they may want, leaving no trace back to them in a street address or phone number other than he.net, or network solutions.
knowledge is power 16.Dec.2003 05:47

sadder but wiser

I know very little about the workings of spyware or viruses but I read about Spybot in the "Dr. Bombay" column of The Oregonian. I downloaded the program (for free) and it scanned for spy ware on my computer. I was shocked at all the stuff that was on there! Spybot deleted it for me but I scan for spyware every week or so and there's always something else there.

I would highly recommend checking out the program:


Lavasoft 16.Dec.2003 06:52


You can also download for free Lavasoft ad aware at www.lavasoft.com

and also use Mozilla instead of explorer

Same here 10.Jan.2004 20:57

Vovo WithDesign@nettally.com

It's on my computer now. I bought software to search for spyware, it's good , but some of this still remains. In frustration I went to the web address I had written down at the time that I accept this download. Ofcourse, it was not a download for this, but the software now in my computer was to enable my connection to be smooth. What a load of crap! I read it, and felt somewhat reasured because it was licensed. After rteading your article I see how valuble that license was. Now I've search for the web site for more info on getting the remnants out and find no web site, only complaints about this company. It took over my server page. The spysearch softwarte i bought deleted that part, but their is still the trace of an old address. When I open my browser it will no longer go directly to Yahoo, but instead goes to http://sbjr.com, I have to manually click in the Yahoo address. There's that and a few other things I find really irritating. I've got a firewall and update my virus protection regularily, but this adware is a really big problem. I find it amazinly intrusive.

Just a last word or two 10.Jan.2004 21:08

Vovo WithDesign@nettally.com

The company name on the license I downloaded was C2Media,LTD Then there was something more EULA CdKEB.exe, hopefully that may help someone.