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california safe schools coalition www.calisafe.org promotes student safety
For Immediate Release

Robina Suwol, Executive Director
California Safe Schools
website: www.calisafe.org
ph: 818-785-5515 - Cell: 818-261-7965

Los Angeles, CA. - On a visit to one of LAUSD's cafeterias, LAUSD Board Member David
Tokofsky looked at all the milk cartons on the cafeteria's tables and saw another
teaching opportunity.

"Especially now", said Tokofsky "we've got to get the highest value out of everything the District does. Every lunch-hour of every school day, our kids see all these milk cartons on cafeteria tables. Why not use the cartons to reinforce simple safety messages that might make a difference in some young lives?"

To get the job done, David teamed up with California Safe Schools (CSS), a parent group dedicated to eliminating environmental health threats on school campuses. "I knew where to go for health and safety advocates with innovative educational tools: California Safe Schools".

Driftwood dairy, the District's supplier of milk and juice in cartons, was on board immediately. "Driftwood has made its cartons available for public service messages before", said Tokofsky, "and they were very responsive to us. It's great when local businesses get in step with District programs. It strengthens the District and the entire community."

Robina Suwol, Executive Director of California Safe Schools, praised Tokofsky's long commitment to health and safety in District schools.'From the beginning, David was responsive to our primary concern: removing hazardous chemicals from schools and using safer,more effective alternatives. The result has been a healthier environment for students, teachers , staff and community members who live near school sites. We believe this safety campaign is a logical and welcome expansion of the California Safe Schools agenda.'

Founded in 1998, California Safe Schools was the force behind LAUSD'S groundbreaking Integrated Pest Management Policy, which led to California's Healthy Schools Act of 2000, and has become a model for school districts and communities nationwide. For the "safety-first milk cartons" CSS continues their collaboration with famed illustrator Michael Bruza. The cartons will begin to appear in LAUSD cafeterias immediately.

homepage: homepage: http://WWW.CALISAFE.ORG
phone: phone: 818-785-5515
address: address: BOX 2123 TOLUCA LAKE, CALIFORNIA 91610

California Safe Schools Promotes Safety 23.Feb.2004 08:13


outstanding visual site with information everyone should have. Very easy to navigate.

Le Anne Windslow
Salem, Oregon

California Safe Schools 15.Mar.2004 01:44

Le Anne Barlow

Enjous visuals and information. Outstanding site!