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9.11 investigation

PIC: Tommy Franks on the cover of Cigar Aficionazi, bears his NAZI HEART

speaks for itself, distribute widely, hmm, it's hard to call this satire anymore. We are in serious shit and we have to stop these bastards.
Gen. Tommie Franks seemed to be a dumbass... 16.Dec.2003 01:15

wonder why?

You can say all you want about Gen. Tommie "Jed Clampet" Franks, but when it's all said and done,
he is still one major dumbass. Wonder why? Here's why...he grew up in Midland, Texas with George
W. Bush. So, see why he was so popular with Bush? Birds of a feather, flock together!

Cigar? 17.Dec.2003 20:42


If it ain't Cuban, it ain't a cigar. Buy or steal the best, from the land of Fidel.