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Dirty Santa Not Sadam

Photographic anaylsis reveals Dirty Santa-Or Sybok (spock Brother)Captured by US troops.
Once again the president pulls out another fib out of the Secretary of States ass(. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20031215/us_nm/people_powell_dc_4)

With the accidental capture of Skybok or Dity santa-The MEDIA will have some explaining to do. A recent photo from the media
clearly shows the truth.
As Likely as not 15.Dec.2003 20:13


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Dirty Santa
Dirty Santa

Saddam, 15.Dec.2003 20:53

or Santa

It seems to me that Saddam is a threat because Bush says so. Interestingly, the following argument
showing Santa Claus exists is more rigorous (due to Bruno Marchal):

Consider the following sentence S

If this sentence is true then Santa Claus exists.

or equivalently:

If S is true then Santa Claus exists.

S being that very sentence.

I will first prove that S is true.

To prove it, let us suppose that S is true. But then S is true and "If S is true then Santa Claus exists" is true. But then by the usual modus ponens it follows that Santa Claus exists.

So I have proved that from assuming S true it follows that Santa Claus exists. But this is exactly what S says so I have given a proof of S. Now, we know that S is true. But S says exactly that if S is true
then Santa Claus exists. So by applying modus ponens again, we can conclude that Santa Claus exists. QED.

the Evil Twin Santa? 15.Dec.2003 21:02

Mirror, Mirror

he looks like a malevolent alternate-parallel-universe version of Santa,

as in the Star Trek original series episode - all the opposites looked dark and cindery in that one . . .

Mirror, Mirror: original broadcast: Oct 6, 1967
written by Jerome Bixby directed by Marc Daniels

Stardate not given: Returning to the Enterprise from an unsuccessful mission to ask the leaders of a planet for a possible mineral trade, Kirk, Uhura, Scotty and McCoy are being beamed up just as a freak accident hurls them into another reality, which still contains a USS Enterprise and a Spock and a Federation, but the other reality's versions are cruel and inhumane - the crew the alternate Enterprise is readying for a strike against the planet Kirk just left to take their mineral resources by force. Kirk and his landing party must try to cover their inexplicable identities and try to fit in, while stopping the savage alternate Enterprise from carrying its reign of terror any further. The story of what becomes of the alternate Federation and the alternate Spock is told in the 1994 Deep Space Nine episode "Crossover."

Leonard Nimoy also has sex but once every 7 years 15.Dec.2003 21:04


Interesting theories Dude and it is something to ponder.
But this "dirty santa" fellow looks exactly like my friend Dale ;who's legendary beard growing has received raves and exultations from far and wide. I haven't seen Dale for many years, but he has been known to travel the world, and as far as I know, is scared shitless of any illusions to Santa / and or Satan. God bless Dale, I'll keep a light on.

does this mean Xmas is fucked? 15.Dec.2003 22:38



Bad Santa Caught! 16.Dec.2003 22:47

synchrondeity synchrondeity@yahoo.com

Using the Centcom's press conference footage of Saddam Hussein's capture, the fictitious Santa News Network breaks the story of Bad Santa being captured.

Bad Santa Caught!

After months of searching the North Pole for the evil Kris Kringle. He was found hiding on December 13th, 2003 in a small igloo.

Head Elf to Make an announcement:

"We Got Him"

.....And so begins the short "Bad Santa Saddam"
With a full grey beard, I could see an ironic resemblance to Santa Claus in the recently captured Saddam Hussein. So I created this short video to be a critique on the entire Iraq war as well as on the consumer-driven holiday season. By using statements like "Bad Santa said to know where toys are hidden" & "Gas used to kill reindeer was given to Bad Santa by the USA in the 1980s" this short video makes fun of both cable news and the reasons used to go to war in Iraq.

80 seconds
13.5 MPEG-1 Video

Source Material:
Centcom's "We Got Him" Press Conference 9/14/03
"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" remixed by Charles Afton

Graphics from around the Internet & created by myself. Sequenced in Final Cut Pro 4.


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Santa News Network (SNN) breaks the story of Bad Santa being captured