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imperialism & war

Aw man! I wanted to hear more about Michael Jackson! What's all this Saddam crap?

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan -- Pakistan "President" Pervez Musharraf narrowly escaped an assassination attempt yesterday when a bomb exploded just seconds after his motorcade had passed by. "It was certainly a terrorist act and, certainly, it was me who was targeted," the military leader told reporters shortly after the attack.
Now, I know Corporate Media? has been waiting a long time for the whole capture and/or video-taped death of Saddam "Hitler II" Hussein. So I guess I really can't be too upset about all the jerking-off that's going on today in the pages and on the screens of their various news dissemination vehicles. It's like an early X-mas for them. Still, you might think that an attempted political assasination would bear at least some mention. Especially when the erstwhile assasinee is the dictator of a nuclearly armed, predominantly Muslim country who is ostensibley supporting the U.S.? campaigns in such places as Afghanistan and Iraq. I would venture that Musharref's survival of said attack (assuming it was such a thing,) is somewhat more important than the fact that Saddam was found hairy and decrepit in a hole. This is the third attempt on his (Musharref's) life in 2 years. Saddam is a bad man, yes it's true, but he is a symbol now, nothing more. Should Musharref be killed, there is no telling what will happen in Pakistan. Another border-war with India seems the most likely scenario. But you know who would be viewing this episode as an early X-mas? You got it, the #1 most wanted (supposedly) man in the world (supposedly,) Osama bin Forgotten. Shit, anything that raises the stakes with Pakistan and India is fine by him, as it would further the polarization of Islam vs. the great Satans (Christian, Hindu, whoever.) And how do you think the Bush (mis)administration will view all this? I mean, c'mon, we're at war, people! Right? Axis of Evil, right? C'mon! Send in the Reserves! Look, I'll level with you. I'm not a geopolitical analyst. I'm an unemployed cook. But even I know that an assasination is rarely a stabilizing force in the world. So let's all try and read between the shit and pay attention to what's on the line here.
haa 15.Dec.2003 23:13


Hahaa. Funny. So true hehe

yes indeed, the news media is like monkeys jerking off on this one... 16.Dec.2003 01:47

zoo watcher

you're quite right about the media being like a bunch of monkey's jerking off with this business. You
want to see a station that really overdoes it? Check out the NBC affliate in Portland, Oregon...KGW!
They are a bunch of monkey pud-pounders to begin with, but this time they are having an orgasmic
frenzy: faux local polls, interviews with Saddam's "former" portrait artist, their tubby Twinkle Star jerk-
ing all about on the set with excitement as she reveals the long forgotten depredations of Saddam,
Chisel Chin Joe giving the latest hot news "flash" on every Saddam minutiae imaginable, and even
the weather laced with Saddam folklore! Around here we call it "news for 5-year olds"! Watch it, see
why! It's a real giggle-feast let me tell you! Their news director must have been a buddy of Karl Rove,
as he got Propaganda 101 down pretty good...made straight A's (didn't do so well in Journalism 101
though...got an F). We need to start writing their sponsoring advertisers and clue them on on some
facts: like we ain't going to support your product, shop at your store, or whatever if keep supporting
these clowns in their charade! Let 'em hear about it!

how quite right you are there "zoo watcher" 16.Dec.2003 17:03

Wally Wallaby

I must say there dear "zoo watcher", you are quite right. Spot on! While I'm jumping around my apartment watching the real news
on cable access's DEMOCRACY NOW! and pawing away on my keyboard same time, I came across your comment....it seems we
animals are wrong afterall...some of you zoo watchers are pretty smart! Frankly, I settle down to watch the 5:00pm Channel 8 kgw
news, as I like "news for 5-year olds"...it's funny, and its a great source of laughs, though I take little they say seriously. Also, I've
noted they're about to outfox FOX News, and take the lead in the spin game. What will foxy FOX do then? I'll have to stop jumping
around my place at 10:00pm now so I can watch them to see how they react to this serious threat from kwg. Wouldn't that be kool,
a battle of wits between these news departments? Only problem is, these kats will spend so much energy trying to outdo each
other, they'll end up waking the masses up from their trance and risk being found out for the bullshit merchants they are, go out
of business and all we'll have left is the real news from DEMOCRACY NOW! and we'll miss our "infotainment" badly I fear! oops!