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Bush Rape Victim's Suicide ? News Story Blacked Out Nation Wide ! ?

In the western world, only one newspaper reports the suicide of the
woman who accused George W Bush of rape
Bush Rape Victim's Suicide ? News Story Blacked Out Nation Wide ! ?

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In the western world, only one newspaper reports the suicide of the
woman who accused George W Bush of rape

by Simon Aronowitz
Saturday 13th December 2003
Despite the enormity of the story, a virtual news blackout has remained
in place since Margie Schoedinger first filed charges against George W
Bush in 2002.

Schoedinger had accused Bush of rape and other sexual crimes against
both her and her husband, only one publication in the USA saw fit to
print anything about her or her allegations. That publication was her
local newspaper.

Her subsequent suicide earlier this year raised many eyebrows amongst
those who learned of her death via the internet. Even though the
sequence of events was bizarre, again the American media ignored
Schoedinger completely.
However, the US press were not alone. Both the (London) Times newspaper
and the BBC as well as other major news organisations in the UK were
furnished with the story and sources for the original court filings.
This should have garnered some attention for the story from the big
media sources, if only to ridicule the allegations. Instead, in the same
way the American media served its audience a stream of controlled news,
so too did the British media by pretending Schoedinger didn't exist.
Schoedinger apparently committed suicide on 22nd September of 2003 but
her death only attracted new attention on the internet in November of
2003. Only now has one small-circulation newspaper in the UK run the
story of her demise. It found the story so newsworthy it ran its
headline on the front page next to the title header.
The New Nation serves the black community of London and, according to a
spokesperson for the newspaper, has a circulation of 25,000. This
spokesperson also stated that the newspaper had confirmed the details of
the story before publishing and apologised for the misprinting of
Schoedinger's death as 12th December 2003.
That a newspaper in the English-speaking part of the world has finally
deemed this story worthy of publication finally gives legitimacy to it.
If one paper can cover this then so can others.
Many regular readers of `quality´ newspapers such as the Times,
Telegraph and even the NY Times have never heard of Margie Schoedinger.
Her tale illustrates how the news available on the internet is often of
greater value than that which is paid for. Editors should be asked by
their paying readers and viewers why this story has been censored.
One can only deduce that the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Lord Conrad Black
and Greg Dyke of the BBC have chosen to keep their political masters
happy by blacking out any reference to the allegations and apparent
suicide of Margie Schoedinger.
Hopefully the public will learn that what is news by the standards of
big-money radio, television and print may not be news according to their
readers. The support of independent media and its reference as a
reliable source is increasingly the only effective way to inform the
public of the real events in the world.

Below are scans of the newspaper's coverage, as well as the full text of
their story.

Click on any image to enlarge

by Orantes Moore
New Nation
Monday 8th December 2003
A black woman who claimed to have been raped by US President George W
Bush and was planning to take him to court has died of a gun shot wound
to the head.
Continues on page four
Continued from page 1
LAST FRIDAY (December 12), Margie Schoedinger, 38, was pronounced dead
as a result of a 'gunshot wound to the head'. The death was officially
registered as 'suicide' by the Harris County Examiner's Office.
As reported exclusively by New Nation in July, Schoedinger of Sugar
Land, Texas, had filed a lawsuit against President Bush (a former
Governor of Texas) in December 2002 accusing him of a series of
'individual sex crimes' against her and her husband.
In the amazing seven- page document, filed at Fort Bend County Court in
Texas, Schoedinger claimed that Bush had abducted, drugged, raped and
beat her.
She also suggested that she 'dated George W Bush as a minor', and the
President may have been the father of a child she miscarried following
the alleged rape.
Schoedinger said she had filed the lawsuit on December 3, 2002 and
although court documents filed on the following day mention Bush and
offer him 20 days to respond or appear in Fort Bend, it is still unclear
whether the President was ever served with the suit.
Schoedinger was attempting to claim US$1 million in actual damages, plus
US$49 million for punitive damages including emotional distress and loss
of freedom.
Speaking earlier this year to American journalist Jackson Thoreau,
Schoedinger said that the President had personally contacted her to say
that he wanted her dead, but could trust no one to carry out the crime.
Of course, there is no indication that the president had anything
whatsoever to do with her death.
Of the lawsuit she said: 'I am still trying to prosecute, but as yet, I
haven't had a court date set.
'I want to get this matter settled and go on with my life. People have
to be accountable for what they do and that is why I am pursuing this
The US media had largely ignored the filing of the lawsuit and the story
had only appeared in a local newspaper.

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Wow! 16.Dec.2003 08:46

Anti American-Demon

You have to think people capable of such evil get practice. It would make sense if he did this sort of stuff. Demonic Power is what he has. I want to know more about this case!

want to know MORE, then go to bottom page 16.Dec.2003 10:50

or next page

to "want to know more", go down to bottom of open publishing face page, or maybe now it's on over to
the next page, but there is a similar reposting of, I think, it's the same article reposted here. There is
a lot of good commentary in the remarks thread...it'll enlighten you OK! Also, check the repostings (3
I think) of the Strom Thurmond story.

Bush killed her 01.Jan.2004 14:36


I bet Bush had her killed, but of course, it looks like a suicide

sex abuse and brainwashing 27.Nov.2005 23:08


Is there more to this sexual assualt? And what does the Bush crime family, the Nazi's, the CIA, the Catholic church and the Spartans have in common? Believe it or not, similar idealogical threads exist and persist. Read my blog and go to links and addresses provided at:

Wake UP AMERICA 07.Aug.2010 11:31

I am not Brave enough to name my self

I so believe in what Cathy O Brian says in her tapes and books how can we get together and over come this, I too took along time to come to terms with what I had read I still dont think I have and to be honest I dont think I ever will, these women that stand up and tell about The[ And I use this term Loosely ]Men in charge of running America what they did sexually to them as children are so brave you can see by the so called suicide of the lady taking George Bush junior to court charging him with rape how convenient that she is now dead, suicide I wonder, America please wake up and smell the coffee I live in England but I know where you go we follow

Politicians are Blackmailed with child sex slaves 02.Jun.2011 19:58

Procopius II procopius.ii@gmail.com

Its the finest blackmail there is! Politicians are Blackmailed child sex slaves and video recorded by agents of the Secret Wealthy Global Elite Government. The ancient Book, The Art of War says if you are strong appear weak to your enemies. Invisibility is the ultimate in appearing weak. How can you attack an invisible world empire, an invisible mafia like the Illuminati or what or whoever they are. I am an elected politician. I have met one wealthier than the richest recorded man in the world and I have met one who was a child sex slave prostitute for her dark masters so they could have top leadership blackmailed. Read the Greenbaum Speech and read, Svali's Breaking The Chain. I met the speech writer, I have communicated with Svali and know the editor of the book personally. Those teachings alone have helped me detect those in office around me that are sent by the elite to control many councils of Government. I work side by side with those numerous Manchurian Candidate-like Politicians sent to take away our freedom and bring us back to a New World Order of Feudalism. They are bred individuals for super intelligence. They rarely are in the top positions but work to assist them. They are considered indespensible and brilliant. They are more mentally capable than others on a legislative committee and are in positions to make things happen as the elite want. Their goal is undetectability, so goals are slowly accomplished over many decades. They make things appear very natural. The world economic problems, the unrest in the middle east for supposed democracy - 9/11 all manipulated. Local Governments guided by this hidden hand. They are programmed from birth. For them to speak of who they are is an instant death sentence - usually appearing accidental or a suicide. Scientist have come before politicians to show undeniable evidence that 9/11 was created by powerful entities like nation States. We went in very sceptical and came out shaken by the evidence the news media has covered up. I have shaken inside with fear in the office when I have detected them in the office, all the while smiling and acting calm. Read those two works then branch out to read Trans Formation of America and Thanks For the Memories and Paperclip Dolls and these will verify the truth of Svali's writings. She is presently in hiding because she is marked for death if found by those she wrote about. You may be able to find Svali's writings at Dr. Macow's site in Canada. Get Physicist Dr. Jones video presentation of top secret Nano Thermite in the twin towers for proof of a false flag operation and show all this to your neighbors. Its not a conspiracy we are talking about. It is a hidden empire that was once a foremost empire transformed into multi-national array of certain obscure Corporations that own many other more visible Mega-Corporations. These Venician financial elite who sent out Marco Polo moved on and eventually became the owners of the City of London over the many centuries. Their financial empire sent ships all over the world. The pitch they sold kept them afloat. The energy they monopolize as a group powers the world. An Empire that appears to be small, yet more people on earth speak its language than any other. International Commercial pilots speak it. If you want to take a course in International Business you must speak this language. It is the Language of International Business and its size and power is hidden in plain sight. Politicians and Capitalists dare not to speak of it over a whisper. Our founding fathers fought them and many US Presidents knew of them and fought them behind the scenes. Royalty and their rich friends still exist secretly, but now they are invisible and rarely in a castle. (Are all elite rich people like this - no - but a significant organized power block are.) A return to former feudalism and a belief in their pantheon of Gods and Lucifer is their goal. These princes of the earth serve their God Secretly now, Lucifer - and hope all will serve him openly in the future after they have pitted the Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists against each other. Killing of 2/13ths of humanity is in the cards though wars, made up diseases ravaging Africa, manipulating the weather, killing us with their addictive substances, legal and illegal, processing foods to profit and kill and weaken at the same time, controlling the major media outlets the world over, using the Hegelian Dialectic to create change while manipulating all sides so the dialectic change will occur apparently "naturally", shutting down vitamin and health food makers through a United Nations program, covering up cancer cures for most of us, all while making a profit while killing most all of us. They prepare and protect their own.

Procopius II