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Americans used gas in Saddam capture

Commenting on the way that the Americans released the story about the
arrest of President Saddam Hussein, Dr. Mani' Mahdi, professor of
psychology at the University of Tikrit said that the American
Administration wants to humiliate not only President Saddam Hussein
but also the masses of the people and the Arab Nation who pinned
their hopes on the personality of President Saddam, regarding him as
an Arab Nationalist hero and a valiant knight of the Arab Nation.
Americans used gas in Saddam capture

(Special Thanks to Muhamed Abu Nasr, Editor of the Iraqi Resistance Report for Translating this for the US Working Class.)

 http://www.albasrah.net/maqalat_mukhtara/khasbaghdad_15122003.htm (Arabic)

 http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity/saddamcapture4.html (English)

Special Report: From the scene of the capture of Iraqi President, an
exclusive report from the patriotic Iraqi website www.albasrah.net.

Iraqi residents of the area of ad-Duwar where Iraqi President Saddam
Hussein was captured by aggressor troops late Saturday evening report
that a ferocious battle raged in their farming area between Iraqi
Resistance Fighters led by President Saddam Hussein and American
aggressor troops backed by aircraft who resorted to all sorts of
weapons, including those under international ban.

Lawyer Isma'il 'Abd ar-Rahman said that the courageous Iraqi
Resistance led by Saddam Hussein lost more than 150 men martyrs in
the heroic engagement. He said that the US aggressor forces lost
more than 250 men, however, in killed and injured during the combat,
and dozens of American vehicles were destroyed.

He added that American Apache helicopters and airplanes were
constantly in the skies of the area throughout the entire duration of
the battle that raged for more than 30 hours during which the US
occupation forces were unable to break the will and defiance of the
heroic Resistance fighters.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim ad-Duri for his part said that the American
forces, frustrated by the Resistance fighters' stubbornness, began to
fire shells that contained types of narcotic gas, taking advantage of
their technological superiority. At that point the aggressor forces
had no information, Dr. ad-Duri said, indicating that the Iraqi
President was in the area. They simply wanted to silence the guns of
the Resistance fighters that had inflicted heavy losses on the

He said that the gas spread quickly in the air and affected the
ability of the Resistance fighters to do battle, causing them to lose
consciousness. This allowed the American aggressor forces to arrest
them while they were unconscious. Among them was the Iraqi President
Saddam Hussein. He said that this is what all fair-minded people who
witnessed the farcical lie that the American forces showed on
television at noon on Sunday, 14 December.

Dr. ad-Duri added that the nature of the combat that took place in
that farming area full of date palms puts the lie to the na´ve
American account. It shows that President Saddam Hussein led the
battle, demonstrating outstanding courage in defying the occupation
forces. These are the praiseworthy characteristics that Iraqis know
to be his.

A leading member of the Arab Socialist Baath Party said that the
Iraqi President is a Baathist leader before he is an office holder,
and therefore his arrest or assassination was always something that
was possible, and the President and his comrade fighters knew this.
The disappearance of President Saddam Hussein from the spectacle of
the political arena in Iraq today will not affect the cohesion of the
Party nor the leadership by the Party of the heroic Iraqi
Resistance. The Baath Party, he said, is a revolutionary,
insurrectionist party.

The leading Baath Party member stressed that the Resistance would not
retreat. The agenda of the Resistance will escalate in retribution
for the loss of freedom and dignity of the President who represents
the freedom and dignity of the people and the Arab Nation.

He noted that the Iraqi Resistance retains its military,
organizational, and informational apparatus, it knows all its members
are ready for martyrdom at any time and place, and he pledged that
qualitative Resistance operations aimed at the occupation forces and
their collaborators would continue because it is the Resistance that
represents the Iraqi soul.

Meanwhile Iraqi farmer 'Abbud Mustafa who owns a chicken farm in the
area said that several thousand of is chickens, which are his source
of livelihood, had suddenly died with no prior warning. He said that
veterinarian doctors told him that they had died as a result of the
gas which the American forces had released in the area during their
attempt to capture President Saddam Hussein.

Al-Hajjah Siham Jabbar spoke about the same thing, affirming that two
of the sheep her family owns on their rural farmstead had died
because of the effects of the gas released by the American forces in
the region.

Commenting on the way that the Americans released the story about the
arrest of President Saddam Hussein, Dr. Mani' Mahdi, professor of
psychology at the University of Tikrit said that the American
Administration wants to humiliate not only President Saddam Hussein
but also the masses of the people and the Arab Nation who pinned
their hopes on the personality of President Saddam, regarding him as
an Arab Nationalist hero and a valiant knight of the Arab Nation.
The American Administration, Dr. Mahdi said, wants to deprive us of
our political and historical symbols and personalities so that we
might pay homage to defeated leaders who live under in the shade of
the Americans. President Saddam Hussein is the one who said "No!" to
the American Administration. It was he who struck the very depths of
the Zionist entity. It was he who built an industrial base and
brought together an army of scientists in Iraq. It was he who made
Iraq's national resources secure from the encroachments of the
enemies of the Arab nation. Because of all that the Americans
brought together all the intelligence people and psychologists in the
Administration to put together a show of humiliation of this historic
personality who represents the present and future of the Arab nation.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity

American's used gas...I'm not surprised! 15.Dec.2003 19:08


So, the American's used gas to capture Saddam Hussein did they! I'm not in the least bit surprised,
as they've a long history of using gas. Didn't they sell it to him in the 1980's, and wasn't it that arch-
hypocrite Donald Rumsfield that sold it to him? Wasn't that the reason Rumsfield went to him in the
first place...to sign off on the deal? When we have a government ran by Republican hypocrites, it's
not so amazing that such stuff as this takes place. Somehow, these so-called "Christians" think of
themselves as superior-beings as result. Too bad they only glance over their reading of what Jesus
is recorded as having said in the Holy Bible. Had they really read His words, and followed Him as
example, then they'd damned well know better. Perhaps this is why they are becoming the hated of
this world, and the God damned for the next? Makes sense to me...I actually read my Bible and not
use it a stage prop as so many of these government phoney's do!

He who dealt it must now smell it. 15.Dec.2003 19:44

Linnton Kwesi Johnson

The only gas that was used in the capture of Saddy was the flatulence that was released by Hussein when he realized he was caught. What followed was the crapping of his tyrant pants. Strangely the smell was akin to a very moist Mars Bar, which made sense, what with all the Mars bars wrappers strewn about his hiding place.

right... 15.Dec.2003 20:36


"US aggressor forces lost
more than 250 men"
i suppose these are from the reserve of orphans the U.S. army has so their disappearance doesn't have to be reported? or, could we consider the more likely case here and call most of this bullshit.

i'm not saying i'd be horrendously surprised if they did use gas (i sort of assumed they probably would have used tear gas at the least.) but let's think about sources and use some fragment of common sense before we post this crap, ok?

anyway, hell, the american government is the one that supplied gasing those kurds in the first place. i don't think we really need much more condemnation than that. (not that i think anything new that comes to light should be buried, i'm just saying there's plenty of truthful mud to sling.)

to 'He who dealt it' - 15.Dec.2003 21:34

Capricorn One

"all the Mars bars wrappers strewn about his hiding place"

yeah, the Mars bars given to him by the RNC script supervisors of this charade  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/12/276501.shtml

what a load of horse-hockey prying him from the bottom of a six-foot latrine with breathing tube . . . just wait until the unveiling of the Iraqi WMDs in August 2004 (brought to you by Karl Rove & Co.)  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/12/276512.shtml

speaking of two-bit tyrants crapping their pants, anyone catch Bu$hit on TV yesterday  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/12/276483.shtml ?

Let Me See If I Can Explain 16.Dec.2003 03:42

Donald Rumsfeld

Our plan in Washington is to quiet insurgency by making this the most humiliating defeat for Saddam possible. Taken without a fight. Tortured with a tongue depressor. So whatever the truth is there's no need for anybody to know it. We know that they over there are immensely egotistical and will make up their own stories about the brave battle that went (not now, Ms. Lynch), so whatever the truth is there's no need for us to tell it. So, as you can see, there is never ever a good reason for us in Washington to tell the truth about anything, ever. You people just pay our salaries, you don't need to know these things. Next question?